When the iMac Pro was introduced it had all the staples of a typical Apple announcement. It had the sex appeal, the buzzwords, and the sticker shock, but most of all it had the controversy.

Who was the iMac Pro for?

Photographers and videographers, the technological magpies that we are, think that Apple’s latest ‘Pro’ oriented machine is geared toward us when the spec sheet says otherwise. So if you’re thinking of an iMac Pro, check this out first, and the link right below.

[REWIND: Should Photographers Buy The iMac Pro? Maybe Not…]

Nevertheless, the lack of marketing doesn’t stop comparison videos from being produced. David Lee of Dave2D compares the Apple iMac Pro against the Alienware Area 51 Threadripper and other powerful desktops.

The Competition

  • iMac Pro
    • 10 Core Intel Xeon
    • 64 GB DDR4 EEC RAM
    • AMD Vega 64
    • 1 TB SSD

  • 2013 Mac Pro
    • 10 Core Intel Xeon
    • 64 GB DDR3 ECC RAM
    • 2x AMD FirePro D700 Crossfire

Each machine has its strengths and weaknesses, and the test results are interesting to say the least.

The Skylake-based 8-plus-core Xeon W processor and DDR4 ECC memory will benefit those professionals who deal with real-time 3D rendering, High Frame Rate VR, complex simulations/analysis, machine learning, and faster code compiling – i.e., architects, video game designers, developers, scientists, doctors, et cetera. Whereas the AMD Threadripper might be a McLaren P1, Xeons are more like a Ford F150 – different machines for different jobs.