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Canon Announces The Compact-Servo 70-200mm Cinema-Style Lens

By Wendell Weithers on April 23rd 2017

It is no secret that Canon has its target set firmly on the advanced cinematography market. They’ve developed premium priced, yet immensely capable cameras such as the C100, C300, and C700 series to meet the demands of top-tier productions. And while the cameras are compatible with the company’s renowned lineup of glass created for still photography, Canon is doubling down on their commitment by providing cinema glass that empowers content creators with the tools necessary for broadcast television and Hollywood level results. Their latest effort is the COMPACT-SERVO 70-200mm which sits along side of the previously announced COMPACT-SERVO 18-80mm cinema-style lens. Let’s take a look at what this lens is offering.

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  • Covers Super 35 Sensor Size
  • Suitable for 4K, HDR Image Capture
  • Widely Used 70-200mm Focal Range
  • Parfocal to Maintain Focus While Zooming
  • Constant T4.4 Across Entire Zoom Range
  • Optional EF 1.4x III & EF 2x Extenders
  • Color-Matches Other Canon Cine Lenses
  • Click-Less Iris Control
  • 9-Blade Iris for Smooth Bokeh
  • Optional Servo-Grip Controller

Per the official press release:

The second in a new class of Canon lenses, the COMPACT-SERVO 70-200mm Telephoto Zoom Lens is a cinema-style lens that includes a servo drive unit as a standard feature. Additionally, the lens incorporates Image Stabilization, Autofocus, and Auto Iris functionality*, three extremely useful features not commonly found in cinema lenses, but are popular in EF lenses. The lens also provides high image quality that supports 4K image productions and was designed to be utilized in a variety of shooting styles including, hand-held, shoulder mounted, and tripod mounted.

Canon intends for this lens be the telephoto zoom lens of choice for today’s 4k productions and beyond by providing a versatile companion with the existing cinema prime lens lineup. With the benefits of parfocal focusing and the ability to increase its reach with extenders, this lens fits a wide variety of needs.  However, if the $5,225 price tag for the 18-80mm is any indication, this zoom may be a “rent-only” option for many cinematographers.

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If this lens checks the right boxes for you, you can preorder your copy here.

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Wendell is based in Atlanta where he shoots events, portraits, and food photography. He also supports his wife Andrea as she runs their cake design business, Sweet Details.

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