Everyone loves a good photography hack, don’t they? Hacks help us be creative on a budget, which allows us to spend our money on other goodies (the new Sigma 50mm ART lens perhaps?).

In this video, BuzzFeed presents 7 Tricks  Everyone With a Camera Should Know. This fun video shows us some tricks for stabilizing your camera with some string, creating professional- looking dolly shots with some household items, and creating custom shaped bokeh all using inexpensive items like scotch tape and coffee cups. Check out the video below and if you love the DIY photography hacks, check out our previous article with 7 more creative photography hacks you should try for fun!


Here are some of my favorite tricks from the video:

1. The String Tripod

Just thread a string through the neck strap rings. Then place the string under your feet for a less shaky photo.


2. Furniture Mover Dolly

Simply place furniture movers under the feet of your tripod to get some sweet-looking dolly shots!


3. DIY Anamorphic Lens Flare

Paint a piece of clear tape blue and stick it over the front of your lens. If you now point your camera in a bright light source, you’ll get a cinematic lens flare.

4. DIY Smartphone Tripod

Cut a slit in the bottom of a paper cup. It should be roughly as wide as your smartphone. Then you can just put your phone in the slit for instant stabilization.


Are you going to try any of these out? Do you have any other tips? Share them in the comments below!

[via BuzzFeed]