Growing your Instagram following is a process that has constantly evolved over the past few years. In the age of the influencer, many users are dedicated to finding new ways to beat the platform’s algorithm and boost their own following.

So it’s incredibly refreshing when you see users willing to shell out useful information on how other’s can benefit from their organic growth techniques.

International fashion photographer and educator, Anita Sadowska recently put out an informative YouTube video with 7 tips on how to organically grow an Instagram following. Sadowska sits at 68.5k followers herself, so you know the advice she gives is going to be on point! Check out the video below!

7 Tips to Organically Grow Your Instagram Following

Here are 7 useful tips for getting the Instagram following you’ve been dreaming of in 2019!

A photo showing the Instagram Grid Layout
Get the most out of your Instagram Grid Layout.

1. Instagram Grid Layout

Start with the right Instagram layout that goes with your theme.

Instagram utilizes a grid of three columns, and you can use this three-column system to your advantage — like posting your images in batches of three. That way, you could have a row of three images from one photoshoot and your images would gel together in a more visually appealing way.

“Usually I find that people don’t want to see more than three—max four photos from a given shoot,” Sadowska says. “After that, it just becomes repetitive and you kind of start losing followers.”

Creative color schemes on Instagram's Grid Layout.
Make use of creative color schemes.

2. Color Scheme

Though it may seem like a challenge, have a reoccurring color theme on your Instagram grid. One easy way to do this is to tie everything together with the skin tones you shoot. No matter if your outside or in the studio, using skin tones to keep a consistent color scheme will look great to your followers!

A photo showing Instagram's useful Insights page.
Test what works using Instagram’s Insights tool.

3. Test What Works

Test out the images you post over time to see which images perform better with your followers. For instance, when Sadowska was shooting Beauty, Fashion and Swimwear, she would pick her favorites from the photoshoot and then test out which images got more likes.

Now, obviously there is a balance to this. You may like shooting Fashion more than Beauty, but Beauty performs better, so you may choose to sacrifice likes a bit for what you most enjoy.

A photo showing Instagram's Insights Audience page.
Timing is everything, so find out what time works best for your photos.

4. Timing is Everything

Post your photos at different times of the day based on where you are in the world. Be sure to note your current time zone and take it into account. Sometimes you’ll find a universal time that works best for your posting schedule.

“When I’m in Ireland or Europe, in general, it’s basically between six and nine in the evening,” says Sadowska. “When I’m in Bali, it’s usually very early in the morning because it still sticks to the European time.”

The key is to post images at different times when you’re starting out and see what sticks.

5. Be Selective with Your Work

Only post the best of the best!

“This is so crucial for me,” stresses Sadowska. “I’ve seen photographers post every single image that they took on the shoot and it’s just not a great thing. Try and be super selective.”

Sadowska says she would much rather post a great image every three to four days than post mediocre images daily.

Photo of an Instagram Story
Audiences engage with Instagram Stories, so make them!

6. Use Stories

Ever since stories came out, Sadowska has found that it’s crucial to be very VERY active on Instagram stories. “I feel that, nowadays, most of my engagement actually comes from stories and not from the feed itself.”

So make ample use of Instagram stories to better engage with your followers.

7. Clean Up

Make sure to only follow people that are relevant to what you do and that you find interesting. That might mean purging quite a bit from your follow list. Sadowska only follows around 300 people or less and she finds it easier to connect with those people than if she followed 3000.

So be selective with no only your images but the content you follow as well.

Sadowska gives some great info in this video, and at around 10 minutes, it’s definitely worth the watch. She goes into each tip a little more in-depth and if you follow her advice, it could be on your way to growing a great Instagram following.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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