Would you like to join our very own Pye Jirsa (You may know him as, “Post Production Pye,” down in the Bahamas for his Ultimate Wedding Workshop at the Fstoppers Workshops 2014? If you do, then you need to jump on it quick, as of this writing, there are only 7 spots left before Pye’s workshop is sold out.

During May 28th through June 1st, Pye will be teaching 2 two day workshops on wedding photography. There are only 30 spots available between the two identical courses, 15 in each class. There are only 7 spots left in this coveted workshop, and if you want to make sure that you can get into the course, you should sign up for it today.

Sign up is easy, simply click this link and follow the instructions to sign up for the event. What could be better than a trip to the Bahamas to learn from one of the founders of Lin and Jirsa Photography? Head on over and reserve your spot today.

Not sure what Fstoppers Workshops is? Here is the quick introduction video, and if you are interested in learning more you can head to the Fstoppers site.

Via @Fstoppers