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64:9! How is that for an ultra wide view?

By Anthony Thurston on August 28th 2013


Panasonic has gone off their rockers. There I said it, and you will be saying it too after you read about this. The company has developed an innovative 4 camera system that records 720p video at an astonishingly wide 64:9 aspect ratio. They say that the camera (camera system?) is developed for use in sports.

I’m not sure about you, but I am both amazed and confused by this product. First off, I can not think of any situation where 64:9 would be an ideal resolution for viewing anything. Secondly, I think it is really cool that the system used four cameras and then is able to stitch the video together into one seamless shot.

The other issue to think about here is the price. I mean, only the richest of richest sports organizations would be able to afford a camera system like this. If you need anymore proof of how high it is going to be priced, look no further than the fact that the price is “undisclosed”. Basically, that means lots and lots of zeros. Just think of all the R&D that went into a camera system like this… I don’t even want to know…


What are your thoughts on this over the top camera system? Let us know in a comment below. 

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. Tim E.

    I can’t see 4 web/security cams mounted on rig with some hardware to stitch them together in real time costing more than 6-9k. But I completely agree with the usage cases. What will this be displayed on? Perhaps software built to show the part of field at play that doesn’t require a moving camera that could possible miss it? My question is: Why in the world is it 720? If they wanted to be interesting, stitch 4 4k streams together.

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  2. Tommy Kristensen

    “First off, I can not think of any situation where 64:9 would be an ideal resolution for viewing anything”

    As I understand, its use is for a view of the complete playfield – its designed for sports coaching analysis, where a view of the entire playfield would be preferred.

    Quote; “Because of this high-speed optical stitch, the entire field can be captured at once, so the moves and formations of all players can become clearly visible. The 5120 x 720 resolution system operates on visual cues so players do not need to wear tags or tracking devices for it to work. it functions by visually tracking players means that coaches can effectively analyze games as well as practice matches”

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    • Tony Anastasi

      would be a interesting POV from the center roof – then you can see the entire play by play for NFL games.. :P

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  3. Adrian

    Looks like something you would rig in a garage. I can’t call it a system or innovative. But hey, it’s something.

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