In the recent past, we have had the unfortunate, but necessary, obligation to let you all know about counterfeit Nikon camera bodies. Today we have something from team Canon, and that is a warning about fake 600EX-RT speedlights.


According to the product advisory sent out by Canon, they “have confirmed that there are counterfeit Speedlite 600EX-RT flash products in circulation in the market. It has been reported that these products are being sold through various online marketplace websites.

The sticky part about buying these things from a website is that you can’t open the box and check the product before you buy it. Assuming the web reseller thinks it is a legitimate Canon flash, you could still probably get a refund after receiving a counterfeit, but if the reseller is more nefarious and knows they are selling fake products, then you could be in trouble.

Luckily, Canon has shared some images, depicting how you can check for yourself if the 600EX-RT Speedlight you are holding is legit or not. It appears that the locking mechanism on the bottom of the speedlight is not quite in the same place on the counterfeit models (see image below).


In addition to the locking mechanism location, it appears that the custom function menu on the flash looks wrong too, so that would be something to check as well. You can see the difference in the image below.


To ensure that you’re buying genuine Canon products, we recommend purchasing from a Canon Authorized Dealer or directly from Canon. Please be advised that Canon is not responsible for any malfunction, accident, or damage related to the use of any counterfeit product.”

If you have bought a 600EX-RT online recently, you should probably double check to make sure that you have a genuine unit. If you plan on buying one soon, or in the future, bookmark this post so that you can check the unit once you receive it.

You can read the full Canon product advisory here.

What are your thoughts on this? Counterfeit products are nothing new, but does it seem like they are getting better and better lately? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!