Instagram announced today their answer to Vine by introducing Video on Instagram. Twitter’s Vine video sharing service has really started to take off with the “under 25” crowd, and other companies have started to take notice. Today’s announcement makes Instagram one of the first companies to enter the market created by Vine.

Simply being called “Video on Instagram” the feature is the first major product improvement since the company was acquired last year for 1 Billion by Facebook. The move to add video is a clear move by Facebook and Instagram to compete with Twitter and their Vine video sharing service.

The new video sharing feature allows users to share up to 15 seconds (Vine only allows 6 seconds) as well as add 13 filters and even easy editing capabilities. The additions of the filter feature for video is a clear look back at what made Instagram so popular in the first place, filters on photos. The company is now hoping to revolutionize video sharing in the same way they did photo sharing.



One really cool new feature to Instagram’s video sharing is the “Cinema” image stabilization feature. This looks to work really well and will surely set Instagram shared videos apart from shaky Vine videos.

[Animated Gif courtesy of Gizmodo]

Clearly Facebook/Instagram has “one upped” Twitter/Vine in almost every way imaginable with their new Video on Instagram features. It will be very very interesting to see how and if Twitter/Vine responds to the new competition. Many people are already saying the term “RIP, Vine” … something im sure that Twitter/Vine will hope to remedy… Quickly.

What are your thoughts? Is Video on Instagram going to revolutionize video sharing? How will Vine respond? Let us know in a comment below!

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