Last week we told you that this was coming, but just in case you missed it we wanted to jump on this and let you all know that it is now available. I am referring to the new 5D Mark II Firmware update that brings Clean HDMI output and Improve AF performance up to F8 to Canon’s latest 5D.


This is a huge deal for video shooters, the clean HDMI will now allow for external video recorders to be used to record uncompressed YCbCr 4:2:2 video straight from the camera. This is something that 5D Mark III users have been requesting since the launch of the camera, and now they have finally got it.

The other major improvement brought on by this Firmware Update is the F8 Autofocus improvement. This is big for users of teleconverters on longer lenses. Traditionally AF at F8 would be very hit or miss, but this firmware update will allow the center cross-type AF point to be used when the maximum aperture hits F8. This is going to be great news for wildlife and long range shooters that constantly use teleconverters.

You can download the new firmware from Canon’s Website.

So tell us 5D Mark III users, are you going to rush and download the update ASAP? Let us know in a comment below.