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50MP Canon EOS-1 D In The Works?

By Anthony Thurston on March 28th 2015

Pre-orders on the Canon 5DS and 5D SR only just opened up this week, still two months ahead of their expected release – and we are already hearing rumors that Canon may bring that 50MP technology to their flagship EOS-1 line.


According to a new report over on Canon Rumors & Canon Watch, Canon is toying with the idea of bringing the same 50MP sensor in the new 5DS and 5DSR into a new EOS-1 style body. They are just waiting to see how the 5DS and 5DR do on the market before committing to a flagship camera featuring that technology.

Personally, I don’t really see the EOS-1 line as a camera that would be a good fit for such a large megapixel count. I mean, look at who uses the EOS-1 line the most; you have sports and action/wildlife folks. People who need speed, not megapixels. Now, if they could still give us 10+ FPS with that 50MP sensor, then it could work.


I just don’t see Canon investing that sort of buffer in the camera, meaning that the FPS would be lower than anyone interested in an EOS-1 line camera would want, but that is just my two cents.

I am curious what you all think about this? Do you think that the EOS-1 line is a good fit for a 50MP sensor? Leave a comment below and let us know!

[via Canon Watch via Canon Rumors]

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  1. Gavin Berry

    It does seem like a departure from the traditional 1D, however, the new 7D has poached so much from 1D territory that you would expect that Canon must have a massive shift in the pipeline for 1D. Add to that, the recent large discount on 1D in the US, and the unusual move to a new range of 5Ds, and it seems a lot of change is likely. The 1D would have to do something dramatic to keep its flagship status. If all that makes sense, it is the right time for rumours with substance to appear!

    Exciting times!

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  2. satnam singh

    Great info!!

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  3. Rafael Steffen

    How many customers actually order a print the size of their house?

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    The technology is amazing! :)))) It will revolutionize how you take a photo :)))))

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  5. J. Dennis Thomas

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Nikon did it with the D3X awhile bak making it their first “high” MP sensor at 24MP. I’m sure more than a few studio pros bought it.

    If you’re a high end pro and you’re used to working with a 1D model camera you’re not going to be concerned with the price difference between the small body 5D and the pro 1D. You make that money back.

    Its a tax write-off anyway. People like to claim that a photographer is a professional if he gets paid to take photos. Not true. You’re a professional photographer when you pay taxes on the money you make as a photographer and write off your gear as a business expense.

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  7. adam sanford

    Also, for those who shake their head at the 1D line’s price and value proposition, keep in mind that there are photographers that have only *used* that style of body / ergonomics / feature set for many models now, and would not ‘downgrade’ to the 5DS (even for all those megapixels). There are exclusive, droolworthy features on those 1D rigs.

    So to *them*, it’s not “What would a 50 MP 1D series do better than the 5Ds?” — it’s more like “What will a 50 MP 1D series body do better than my 1DX or 1Ds Mk III?” If you are shooting sports and wildlife and own a 1D camera, it’s likely a 1DX, and you won’t be interested in a much slower 50 MP rig. But if you are a 1D studio or landscape guy, chances are you have a 1Ds, and you would snap up a 50 MP ‘good light’ / tripod camera in a heartbeat.

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  8. adam sanford

    Respectfully disagree, Anthony. The 1D line is not just for wildlife/sports. It was not long ago that the 1D lines had a speed version (1.3x crop, high FPS) *and* a studio version (FF, slower FPS). And that’s exactly what Canon just did to the 5D line. So I expect that that 50 MP sensor will make it into a studio FF body with lesser demands on high ISO and lesser demands for speed.

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  9. Herm Tjioe

    The camera’s internal guts must first have to be totally redesigned. Then the issue of heat dissipation have to be overcome. Unless Canon had done major research into this while on the Cinema project then I can see this already in the pipeline.

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