Welcome to our roundup series where we will hit on several gear news and rumor topics each day. This gives you a chance to get caught up on all of the day’s news and rumors in one place. Make sure to check back daily for the latest gear news, rumors and announcements.

500px App Redesign

Popular photography social network and portfolio website 500px has announced some big changes to their iOS app today. The new design, layout, and revamp really puts a focus on being simple and easy to use.


The first thing any previous 500px app users will notice is that it is no longer dark, and the company has instead adopted a more bright, airy, and minimal design aesthetic. 500px has also added a new home feed, similar to Facebook or Instagram, which allows you to easily keep up with your friends and the images they have been posting.

They have also made it easier than ever to discover new photographers to follow with a revamped ‘Discover’ section. These are just a few of the improvements too, and if you are interested in learning more, you can head on over to 500px to learn more here – or download the new app from iOS here.

Pay to Play? Rumors Say V-LOG for GH4 will be Paid Upgrade

Here is a bit of news that is sure to fire up some heated debate. According to the latest rumor buzz, Panasonic will be releasing their V-LOG update for the GH4 sometime in the  next month or two – but with a catch; If you want it, you will have to pay for it.


This is just a rumor, so don’t pull out the pitchforks and start a mob just yet. But I can see many will be very upset by this if it turns out to be the case, and they should be. Other manufacturers like Fuji and Sony seem to pump out major updates to their cameras all the time and users get their updates without paying a penny.

Personally, I think Panasonic would be very unwise to ask for people to pay for this upgrade. That said, they have spent time and money on developing this update, so I also understand their desire to get some $$ back to help offset that development cost.

What are your thoughts on this?

Nikon Announces New Leather & Gold Hotshoe Cover

Yes, this is a real thing. Nikon has announced a new leather and gold hotshoe cover. These new covers appear to be a perfect match for the gold DF edition, or other black and gold Nikon models. But really?


Am I the only one who finds it funny that with all the financial trouble the company is in, with all of the product advisories, and QA issues they have had – that this is Nikon’s response? A leather and gold ‘luxury’ hotshoe cover? I mean obviously that is going overboard a bit, but honestly, you would think their time would be better spent elsewhere.


I mean I don’t even know anyone who actually uses their hotshoe cover anymore. But what do I know, maybe they will start to use it now that there is an *awesome* new luxury option from Nikon…good grief.

Canon’s EOS-M3 Finally Coming To The US?

Now here is some rumor buzz that I can be excited about. According to this report over on Canon Rumors, the company is playing with the idea of releasing their EOS-M3 here in the US – finally.


Now, the EOS-M tanked. Despite its bad rep, it was actually not a bad camera if you could work within its limitations. From everything I have heard, the M3 improves over the M and M2 in almost every way, with good AF, decent battery life, and other features. The only thing holding the M3 back in my opinion is the lack of native EF-M lenses that people actually want.

Canon has been releasing kit lenses over and over for the EF-M system, but never any serious lenses beyond the 22mm F/2. Asking serious photographers to use kit lenses or use the EF adapter is a bad strategy in my book. The EOS-M line is just too small for that to be a viable option. What we need is more EOS-M sized fast primes and decent zooms, or a bigger EOS-M body so that handling full EF glass is not a joke.

Regardless, that is all just my opinion. I do think that there is a place for the EOS-M3, and future EOS-M models here in the states, but Canon has some work if its wants to compete with the other mirrorless options we have here.

What are your thoughts on today’s roundup? What news/rumors did we miss? What would you like to see covered in future roundups? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!