Our industry is one that progresses on the momentum of successive trends. Like waves repeatedly crashing onto the shore, we’ve seen the pricing in various segments of our business descending from the realm of our fantasy into our very affordable reality. One such trend is the proliferation of quality lighting for video, although, nowadays the distinction between still-lighting and video lighting has become much less pronounced at times, but I digress.  Let’s take a look at a $500 kit that Caleb Pike from DSLR Video Shooter assembled for lighting video.

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What is In the KIT?

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Aputure has been providing great lighting products and they seem to be a very popular brand with many YouTubers such as Caleb Pike. Furthermore, LED lighting is compact and perfect for anyone with a limited amount of space.

There is a lighting a video and then there is lighting a video well. If you are looking to accomplish the later, this an optimal time to start investing in a kit. The cost of good lighting is dropping, the equipment is well designed and apt to fit a variety of needs, and there is little compromise in the quality of light. If the cost of good gear is holding you back; perhaps, you should consider the cost of compromising the job with subpar equipment.