In this video, the COOPH photographers show 5 of their best tips on wide-angle photography with a smartphone. A lot of mobile devices already come with a built-in wide lens, so check out the useful techniques shown in the video and then grab your smartphone and start shooting!

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Over & Under

Sometimes the simplest idea is the best! Just shift your perspective to create something epic and new

Tiny Space

Take advantage of how small your smartphone is by getting up close and personal in some pretty small spaces!


Show big things with your wide-angle lens to leverage the distortion you see on the edges

In The Woods

Create some wide-angle panoramics for some truly unique perspectives. Show off the “big picture”

Point of View

Grab a friend to create some PoV shots to get truly creative. Try to take advantage of your surroundings to create a frame for your PoV shots like the ice cream image below.

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There’s a lot you can accomplish and create with the wide-angle views on your new smartphone cameras. We hope this video has inspired you to get out and capture some new shots around your own home. What other ideas do you have for interesting shots with a wide-angle lens? Be sure to post and let us know in the comments below.