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5 Ways to Rock Your Next Client Consultation

By Amii & Andy Kauth on March 26th 2016

When we first started meeting with potential clients, we at least brought along an album featuring one of our weddings. But that’s about all we did. We’ve since refined our game a bit, though we still show ’em an album (it’s just a way, way better album), now we do a few other things as well so that potential clients get to know us as well as our business.

1. We Show Them a Full Gallery

The first thing we show our potential clients (after chatting for quite a bit about life, love, beard grooming [Andy], and Mohawk styling [Amii]) is a full gallery from an actual wedding we shot. We want them to see what we’ll be delivering to them when they hire us. Yep, we show all 1,000-ish images. Sometimes we’ll even look at two full galleries.

It’s essential for us because we want our potential clients to see the work we’ll produce for them; after all, our blog only shows our favorite 30-50 images from each event we shoot (solid images, in our opinion, but not all we do). And we like our potential clients to see that all the images in our galleries—the images that we’ll give them—look as good as the images on our website.



2. We Bust Out Actual Products

After going over a gallery or two, we show our potential clients the products we offer: a copy of an album we delivered to a previous client (so they can see and hold what they’ll receive), the wood boxes we offer, prints from real weddings and engagement sessions (which we deliver in a leather satchel), a canvas from a shoot, etc. It’s kinda crazy trucking a canvas around, but we have a portfolio case (and potential clients love seeing a 24” x 36” canvas in person that they can hold in their hands).

boogieboxes leathersatchel canvases-2


3. We Go Over Our Online Pricing Guide

We’re not opposed to sharing our pricing guide with people who inquire with us about photographing their wedding, but we also do our best to meet with potential clients in person because we want to show them our galleries and our products…and, well, us (in person, in the flesh).

We walk them through our prices and take the time to answer any questions they have about our packages (and always send them the link in a follow-up email). Why is ours online? For one, it links to our photography studio management software. And it’s also convenient (an easy email and no printing costs). That said, we do carry a few versions in print because we get that request on occasion.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 7.05.18 AM

4. We Share Some Client Reviews

We don’t actually put reviews on our website. (We aren’t ignorant to the fact that people don’t believe everything they read on the Internet.) We do advertise with WeddingWire, though. We like WeddingWire because it’s very review-driven; reviews are submitted by current and former clients and can’t be edited by us (we also get inquiries and book weddings via their service here and there). And just like our pricing guide, we can easily send the link in a follow-up email.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 9.29.53 PM

5. We Meet In A Place That Displays Our Work


When our schedule permits, and our favorite local coffee shop is open, we like to meet our potential clients at a rad spot that hangs canvases of our work. We don’t have a studio, which would be great because you can make it fit your branding, display your work however you desire, etc. But finding a local place that is cool with you meeting your clients there and that also hangs your work for you is a solid second option.




That’s really about it. There are other things we do: like dress to impress, buy them a coffee, and maybe even take ‘em out for an impromptu shoot if they book us on the spot. But if you follow our five tips, you’ll have a good place to start. We’d love to hear your tips for meeting with potential clients! Comment below or head on over to our ever-growing Facebook community group and start a conversation.

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Amii & Andy are a wife and husband team of rad portrait and wedding photographers (Sunshine & Reign Photography) who absolutely love life and are generally just stoked! Yeah! When they aren’t photographing or writing and teaching about photography, you’ll find them off on a seriously legit adventure with their little ones, lifting weights in their garage, training jiu-jitsu, refining their archery skills, or surfing every chance they get. And on the rare chance they escape off on a “date night”? Yep! They’ll find a wedding to crash (true fact).

Website: Sunshine & Reign Photography
Instagram: @sunshineandreign

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  1. Bob Davis

    Great insight…you all rock!

    | |
  2. Tom Schelling

    great ideas!! I have to figure out a way to neatly package everything to bring along and showcase!

    | |
    • Andy & Amii Kauth

      Thanks, Tom. It truly takes a bit of trial and error, but you’ll find something that works for you. (If you get there early enough, btw, you can really carry everything in however best you can).

      | |