As photographers, we seem to all have a bit (or a lot) of wanderlust within us. Case in point, I’m writing this article from about 35,000 feet above you right now on my way to a work-cation. Traveling can be stressful – getting to the airport on time, worrying about your luggage, waiting in long lines, screenings, bag checks, etc. To make this process easier, there are a few little photography travel tips that can help make the process of getting to your destination just a bit easier.

If you travel often for work or pleasure, the following video from Chase Jarvis is perfect for you. Chase has logged “millions of miles” as a photographer, entrepreneur and founder of CreativeLive. He gives five very useful tips, not just for photographers, but for any traveler.


This video isn’t specific to how to pack your gear. If you’re interested in how to bring your gear with you, Chase mentions that he has a previous video specifically on that topic, which you can find here. The video below, “Travel Like a Boss,” will give you tips on luggage, how to avoid the long lines at the airport, how to work and sleep on the plane, and a few  other miscellaneous hacks such as getting the best seat on a flight or most importantly, what snacks to bring.

Chase talks about the TSA Pre-check, which is something that I have been looking into as I do travel a fair amount. It’s a service you sign-up and pay for, and once approved, you can get into a special line where you don’t need to take out your laptop, take off your shoes, etc. Theoretically, the line moves faster, and there are fewer people – I liken it to getting a FastPass at Disneyland.


He gives some other great time and sanity-saving tips, as well as a few recommendations on what he brings to make the trip more enjoyable. In the last few years, I’ve logged a good number of airline miles of my own. There are a few items I always bring with me when I travel. In my Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag, I carry my 15″ Mac Book Pro, my Fuji X-T1 with two lenses, my planner, a book or magazine, and I always bring a pre-prepped meal (I use a delivery service). Like Chase mentions, I too travel with noise canceling headphones, which are amazing, especially when there are screaming children on the plane. I also bring with me this awesome $15 organizer that helps me keep track of all the various cords, plugs, and charger I have to carry with me.

For more travel hacking tips or tips on travel photography, check out these CreativeLive classes here.

What are some of your travel must-haves, tips or hacks? Comment below.