We are incredibly excited to announce and officially launch SLR Lounge Premium, our new interactive educational platform!

Intro Video

Watch the video below or read the 5 reasons to join today!

1. Industry Leading Education


Education for all levels – Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, we have tutorials to help you grow as a photographer. Maybe you’re trying to grasp basic concepts; or maybe you’re a professional looking to gain a full mastery of advanced technical concepts.

No matter your experience level, we’re confident that you’ll benefit from our large and growing library of education.

Upon launch, here are the titles included:

  • Newest Workshop: Lightroom Crash Course (2016)
  • Lighting 101 and Lighting 201
  • Photography 101
  • Newborn Photography Workshop
  • Natural Light Couples Photography
  • HDR Photography Workshop
  • Lightroom Image Processing Mastery
  • Lightroom Organization and Workflow
  • The Earthen Bathtub | Fine Art Boudoir Tutorial

2. First Access to Latest Tutorials


First Access – In addition, premium members get first access to our latest tutorials. Moving forward, as we complete each chapter of our new workshops, we upload the videos directly to the platform so you no longer have to wait until the entire workshop is complete.

Upon launch, we will also give you access to the first chapters of the following courses (with more to be released on a regular schedule).

  • Wedding Workshop Part 1 | Communication, Planning and Happy Clients – This is the first part of our 7 part series into Wedding Photography.  Throughout 2016, we’ll be releasing the entire 7 part series of workshops.
  • Advanced Lightroom CC Tutorials – This is the follow-up to the Lightroom Image Processing Mastery, with a focus on Lightroom CC and improved developing techniques.

3. Streaming Access from Any Device


24 Hour Access – SLR Lounge Premium allows members streaming access to our industry leading photography education from any device. So instead of waiting hours for large zip files to download, you can simply log in and start learning from your phone, desktop, laptop, or tablet.

4. Interactive Education

Two-Way Education – What makes SLR Lounge truly unique and different from other platforms is our new interactive educational system. For a long time, online education has been one-way in that you watched a video, learned on your own, and that was it. In the new SLR Lounge, our tutorials are tied into the community through assignments, quizzes, and more.



As you watch the workshops, you’ll have a chance to practice the techniques you learn and upload the results in the assignments section.

These assignments are shared with the community so your peers can provide feedback and constructive critique for your improvement.



On top of that, we have designed quizzes to help you practice and test your knowledge to ensure a full understanding of the related concepts. Testing your knowledge and reinforcing the things that you’ve learned has never been so fun and easy.

5. Exclusive Partner Discounts


Save on Gear and Services – Included in your membership are partnership discounts with some of the best gear,  software, and service companies.  Check out our current lineup here.

Note: Partner deals are continually negotiated so they may change at any time.

Future Features

We are working day and night to develop even more interactive learning experiences and to provide new ways to help you all become better, more connected photographers.  To learn more and join SLR Lounge Premium, be sure to click here.