Now more than ever, photographers are feeling compelled to offer video services to stay competitive, but there are still many photographers out there who find video and filmmaking a bit too intimidating to get started. It’s not hard to see why, as shooting video is just different enough, with its own tools and terminology that it sits outside the comfort zone of many photographers. However, photographers often make great wedding filmmakers, and here are 5 reasons why:

Imagery is the Name of the Game; Some of your best advantages come from your understanding of imagery…


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1. Control Your Backgrounds!

It may sound crazy, but many wedding videographers are not focused enough on the factors that make the largest impact on their image quality. One of the most fundamental concepts that they often take for granted is background control.

Photographers, for the most part, have it ingrained in them that they must control their backgrounds because they know it has a huge impact on their overall imagery. So, while a more traditional wedding videographer may be preoccupied with things like camera motion or rack-focusing on a shot, a traditional photographer will make sure that certain elements of the image are solid before trying to get fancy with any added equipment and techniques. This attention to the important details, by itself, starts to set your video imagery apart from the pack


2. Why Can’t I See the Bride’s Dress?

One of the most common mistakes videographers make on wedding day is not properly exposing for a bride’s white wedding dress in a sunny setting. However this is a mistake that most photographers don’t make, because they know how important proper exposure is to an image, and how noticeable it is when not achieved.

The exact same concept holds true for video. Wedding videos across the industry illustrate that correct exposure is something many wedding filmmakers struggle with (especially doing so in bright outdoor settings and dim indoor scenes). Photographers entering the video world can set themselves apart by showcasing their ability to properly expose images in the bright sun and in the dark reception hall. This ability goes a long way in the wedding world and helps your work stand out.


3. Please Raise Your Hand If You’ve Mastered the Rule of 3rds…

Many wedding videographers struggle to consistently apply the concepts of composition. The idea of ‘The Rule of 3rds’ seems very simple, right? Just imagine a tic-tac-toe board over an image, and arrange the focal points of the image near the board’s intersections. I ask many of my classes to raise their hands if they fully understand and apply the rule of 3rds in their work, and not surprisingly most of them raise their hands. However, if you were to watch many of the wedding videos in the industry, you would see that most do not apply it to their composition and framing.

The Rule of 3rds, like most compositional concepts, is fairly easy to understand, yet very difficult to master in practice. Most photographers have an edge in this regard as well because they’ve spent more time applying the Rule of 3rds and other compositional rules. While many videographers understand concepts like the Rule of 3rds, they fail to apply it consistently in their work. By just doing what makes you a strong photographer – controlling your backgrounds, properly exposing your images, and thoughtfully composing your shots, you will set your videos apart from the masses in a short time.


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4. Dual-Threat

Get a leg-up on the competition, as photographers with video skills have a marketing and business advantage in the market as well.

As a studio offering both photo and video services to clients, you already have an edge over studios only offering video. The demand for providing both video and photography has never been higher, and if you answer this demand and provide high quality videos to your clients, you can greatly increase your earnings and earning potential in the wedding world. You are a more attractive wedding filmmaker, just by virtue of also offering photography services to your clients.

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5. Understanding Your Value

Some of the most costly mistakes that wedding videographers make deal with how they price and package their services. Wedding filmmakers frequently undercharge for their time and give away too many services for too little compensation. Alternatively, photographers have pricing structures in place that allow them to charge just for their time, in addition to charging more profitable prices for their services and deliverables. This pricing background and foundation makes you a formidable wedding filmmaker in the market; one that offers stills and video, and knows how to package and price photo and video services.

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By doing the very same things that make you a skilled photographer – controlling your backgrounds, properly exposing images, and having nicely composed images – you can become a skilled wedding filmmaker with imagery to match. Coupled with your advantages in marketing and pricing, you can quickly become a successful wedding filmmaker as well, with a bottom line to match.