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The last few years have found success for podcasts. For the longest time, the little purple podcast app that was there by default on my iPhone annoyed me. To me podcasts = lectures and one of my least favorite ways to learn is auditory. But as I am a typical middle of the trend adopter, I soon found myself downloading and listening to numerous podcasts on my long drives to photo shoots or while editing yet another photo session. Multi-tasking at its best.

Last year, the wildly successful podcast, Serial, grabbed masses of new podcast audiences with its true crime reporting (if you haven’t heard of it, I highly recommend it as well as the follow-up Undisclosed Podcast) ,and as we look forward to 2016, the popularity of podcasts are at an all-time high. There is no shortage of great ones to listen to. The following is a list of five podcasts I subscribe to and have found most helpful for my photography and my business.

1. Tips From The Top Floor



One of the oldest photography podcasts out there, Tips From the Top Floor began in 2005 by photographer Chris Marquardt. Each episode varies from 20 minutes to over an hour and covers all areas of photography, giving tips for both beginners and professionals. It has over 500 episodes to date and has won numerous awards. Check out the episodes here or from your favorite podcast app on your phone.


2. Social Media Marketing

social-media-marketing-podcastThe Social Media Marketing Podcast is “your guide to the social media jungle,” and its host, Michael Stelzner is your tour guide. The show always begins with a cool app or service they’ve found to make your social media life easier and the show is always relevant with experts from the social media world. Plus, Michael’s awesome Aussie accent is fun to listen to, and I learn something new to apply to my own social media plan every episode I hear.

*Note: I’m not a huge fan of their daily, Social Media Examiner, podcast. It’s only 10 minutes long, and I tend to find more value in the longer podcast above*


3. School of Greatness

lewis-howes-podcastLewis Howes is the host and student of The School of Greatness podcast. A few times a week, he interviews a wide-range of great people in various careers – from athletes to entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, musicians, actors, health and wellness professionals, and more. The interviews are inspiring, motivational, and interesting, making this a top-rated personal development podcast. My personal favorite episodes have been Quest Nutrition founder Tom Bilyeu, Fitness and YouTube sensation Cassey Ho, and filmmaker Casey Neistat. Lewis also just came out with his first book, where he gives you eight habits that will lead you to greatness, with action steps. If you’re looking to be inspired by people doing great things, this is the podcast for you.


4. This Week in Photography (TWiP)

twip-podcastThis Week in Photography (TWiP) is also a long-running podcast that launched in 2008. Hosted by Frederick Van Johnson and Alex Lindsay (with some notable contributors and guest contributors as well), the podcast has been on the top 100 tech podcast list since its inception and remains one of the most recognized photography podcasts in the industry. Each episode is around an hour or so long and covers the relevant news in the photography industry as well as photography tips and tutorials.

Check it out here.


5. EntreLeadership

entreleadership-podcastIf you’re an entrepreneur, this is the podcast for you. With lessons from money guru Dave Ramsey, this podcast is chockful of tips on leadership and business with some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs in the business. Their recent episode with thought leader Seth Godin is a great one on personal growth. The website also offers lessons and articles to help you on your entrepreneur journey. Check it out here.



New and Noteworthy

A few new notable podcasts have sprung up recently from some of our friends over at Resource Magazine and PetaPixel. Photographers Jaron Schnieder and Karaminder Ghuman host the ReWrap Podcast by Resource Magazine, which covers everything from news, advice, and inspiration. PetaPixel has also launched a new twice a week podcast with host Mike “Sharkey” James. Check that out here.

Do you listen to podcasts? What are some of your favorites (photography related or not)? Comment below.