We are always on the lookout for musicians that create powerful songs to enhance our film and photographic presentations. So each month SLR Lounge will be featuring those artists that create amazing songs for slideshows and cinema. We spend a lot of time looking for the best music, so hopefully these features will help you all out, while also giving these wonderful musicians a little more credit for their amazing work!

What’s New at The Music Bed

If you haven’t made any stops by The Music Bed recently, you should swing by and hear the loads of new talent they’ve added. Just when we thought TMB had their bases covered in the genre department, they continue to expand the selection of genres, styles, and variety to existing categories.

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As if quality music wasn’t enough, TMB has been producing their own series of original films. These videos exist to encourage creatives and provide inspiration to their users. Some of our favorites are the TMB Artist Spotlights which provide an inside look at some of the music licensing house’s most intriguing bands and composers (Including today’s feature, Future of Forestry).



Featured Artist: Future of Forestry

Someone (Instrumental)

Upbeat, steady and cheerful. With claps and rhythm that will have you tapping your foot, this song fits well with slideshows of fond memories and glass of bubbly.

Young Man Follow (Instrumental)

With atmospheric sounds and ethereal guitar, this track goes well with out-of-this-world time lapses. The steady rise builds to a big moment about two and a half minutes in, and then takes you on a journey to an epic crescendo ending.

Angels We Have Heard on High

Think candles, eggnog, crackling fire and powdery snow flakes. It’s a softer acoustic take with beautiful voices that pair perfectly. The guitar and drums will stir up old memories and put you at ease with their warmth.

Come Alive

This track builds beautifully. It starts off nice and easy with piano before the drums come in around the one-minute mark. With the two-minute mark comes lyrics that pick you up along with instrumentation that will have you soaring. Come Alive is a perfect match for a wedding or engagement slideshow.

Love Be Your Mantra

Amanda + Adam’s Wedding in Stop-Motion | Laguna Beach, California from Bayly & Moore on Vimeo.

If you’re looking for a track that will pull people out of their chairs dancing and singing, this track was made for you. With lighthearted strumming, and a solid kick drum, everyone will be joining in by the time big vocals and horns come in at the halfway mark.