Most of us have been working in Lightroom for years, but every now and then you’ll discover something new that you didn’t know existed or the developers have quietly added in recent updates. In the video below, Teppo Haapoja runs through five Lightroom tips to help you quickly get more out of your images, especially if you’re new to the Adobe Lightroom CC system.

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Topics Covered in this Lightroom video (& the time stamps for those who want to jump directly to each tip)

  • Auto Masks – 3:24
  • Range Masks – 5:13
  • “Magic Button” (Tone Curve, HSL, & More) – 7:42
  • Hue, Saturation, & Luminance – 10:22
  • Gradient & Radial Filters – 13:38

About Teppo Haapoja

Teppo is a 29-year-old lifestyle blogger from Finland.

He’s passionate about fitness, traveling, relaxed mornings, good food, photography, interiors and everyday life with good friends. He writes about wellness, traveling, interiors and he likes to ponder things that life holds in different seasons. His goal is to inspire people to live life to the fullest to reach their dreams, enjoy small everyday moments and to believe in themselves.

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*Video shared with permission from Teppo Haapoja. Do not share this video and related content without direct written permission.