Shopping for a photographer or videographer this time of year can be a little tough, especially if you are on a limited budget, as we all know these are very expensive hobbies/professions.

To help you out we have compiled a list of 5 items that would make for great gifts that are $100 or less. These are items that could be useful as stocking stuffers or as a primary gift for the photo/video guru in your life.

5 Gifts For Photographers and Videographers Under $100

  1. Rode VideoMic Go – This is a great gift idea for anyone that is interested in upping the quality of their audio, and by extension their video. The Rode VideoMic Go is Rode’s latest offering and is targeted towards people who need an easy no nonsense microphone that is capable of capturing quality audio. IMG_352062
  2. Revolve Camera Dolly Basic – This is another great gift idea for those of you with videographers or young filmmakers to buy for. The Revolve Camera Dolly is more than your standard table dolly, it also comes with special brackets that allow you to turn any PVC pipe into a fully functioning slider. revolve_camera_dolly_accessories_video_light_monitor_1_grande
  3. ExpoDisc 2 – This is the perfect gift for any photographer that is looking to improve the accuracy of their white balance and exposure while out on location. The ExpoDisc 2 is a quick and cheap way to do that and be confident in the results. 400x400_ExpoDisc-v2
  4. Snug-It Pro Camera Covers – Here is another gift idea that you may not have thought of. These devices are like those cases you buy for your phone or tablet to protect them – only it protects a camera. Protecting your camera is a huge concern for photographers, and these are a cheap and easy way to improve the protection of your most valuable piece of gear.748053
  5. X-Rite ColorChecker Passport – Getting your color correct is a huge concern for photographers in most niches. Getting perfect color is easier than ever with the X-rite color checker passport, a device that create a custom import profile for your camera to use with lightroom so you get perfect color ever time.651253

Hopefully these are a few options that you may be able to afford or maybe they gave you a an idea for another gift along these lines. If you are looking for other great gift ideas or just good deals check out our Daily Deals Report posts for great deals that are currently available on amazing gear.