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5 Free eBooks That Every Street Photographer Should Read

By Michelle Bird on November 6th 2014

I’m constantly on the hunt for knowledge and eager to learn new ways to do things. Apart from shooting, you’ll find me reading most of the time, which is why I find that eBooks are one of the best ways to gain some insight and keep your photography skills fresh and up-to-date. Even if you’re carrying around a whole bunch of photography equipment, you don’t have to worry about adding the weight of these portable electronic books.

[REWIND: Over 40 Free EBooks For Every Photographer]

The eBooks below will give you some great insight from the pros on that particular field of photography that can be intimidating to most: street photography. From close-up portraits, to composition, to putting your body of work on Flickr, there’s definitely a little bit of everything for every level of photographer. The best part is they’re FREE.

Explore Flickr by Thomas Leuthard

This eBook is for those photographers that want to dive into the world of Flickr– as the title suggests– written by expert street photographer, Thomas Leuthard. Explore Flickr has tons of photographs and in-depth information on the basics of Flickr and its benefits, strategies, where to start, organizing your photos, etc. It’s great for photogs that either haven’t used the website before, or haven’t really gotten the hang of it yet and want to improve their account.

The Street Collective Volume One by Various Photographers

This is a great eBook written by 10 masters of street photography, sharing tips, advice, and photographs. You’ll learn how to find your voice and communicate through street photography, how to take more compelling pictures, capturing stunning street portraits and more.

Street Faces by Thomas Leuthard

If you’ve been wanting to capture more street portraits, then you’ve found the perfect eBook to help you tackle that. Thomas Leuthard focuses on the up-close and personal approach of street photography, while coaching you through the process.

The Street Photography Bible by Michael Ernest Sweet

This is an eBook that is great for beginners and expert photographers alike, tackling street photography through the eyes of Michael Sweet. This eBook shows you Sweet’s approach on the streets, and also talks about other great subjects like film vs. digital, color vs. black and white, composition elements, etc. An easy read, with tons of great ideas.

Street Photography by Daniel Hoffmann

Daniel Hoffmann’s eBook channels more into the artform and photography of shooting street photography, rather than the equipment. Less gear talk, more pictures with in-depth commentary.


If this isn’t enough to keep you busy through the next few weeks or you want eBooks that aren’t geared towards street photography, but something else instead, you can check out this article that features over 40 free eBooks for every photographer.

[via] Huffington Post

Michelle Bird is a Southern California based freelance photographer and writer, with a strong focus on music, editorial and portrait photography. She is the founder and creative force behind the music+culture online blog Black Vinyl Magazine, and can often be found in the photo-pit shooting the latest concerts in town. She has a strong passion for art, exploring, vintage finds and most of all animals. Connect with her through Email,
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