There are a million articles out there on famous photography quotes. We wanted to write an article on famous quotes and apply them to our craft. Hopefully this article will give a tiny bit of encouragement and inspiration to each of us to press forward, keep learning and most of all, keep shooting! Feel free to share, enjoy!

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Ralph Waldo Emery

Ralph Waldo Emery made a profound statement when he said, “Every artist was first an amateur.” I see this quote as having two messages. The first being aimed to encourage amateurs that are reaching up to become great artists, and the second being to remind those that are great artists to remember that they were once amateurs. There should be no purpose or place for rock-star attitudes in our industry. While they exist, that doesn’t mean that we all must follow suit. As an amateur photographer with lofty goals, just remember that those you idolize were once in your exact same position. Once you have made it and are successful, reach back and help those who may now idolize you.



I think “Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it” may have been Confucius’ way of saying “Look, there are haters out there, deal with it.” So you took a photo that someone doesn’t like, who cares? We all have different tastes when it comes to clothing, food, jobs, hobbies and photography is no different. Realize that there will be “haters”, there will be those that don’t share your style, and there will be those that absolutely love your work.  If you’re on the other end and you’re the one not seeing the beauty, then maybe it’s up to you to look deeper in order to find it.


Kirby Ferguson

At a recent TED talk, Kirby Ferguson gave an awesome lecture aimed to silence those in the technology world who are delusional in believing that their ideas are the only ones that are truly unique. While referencing Steve Jobs’ past of copying Xerox’s technology in the early days of Apple and later suing anyone coming close to infringing on their patents, Kirby said “Everything is a remix.”

Most if not all ideas were based or inspired by someone else’s ideas. This is no different in the world of photography. This phrase isn’t intended to give permission to go ahead and steal each other’s work, but rather to RELAX! If someone takes one of your ideas, move on. It is bound to happen. In any creative field, conscious or subconscious, there is borrowing and sharing of ideas and inspiration. Lend your own personality into every “inspired” idea to make it more your own.


Albert Einstein

Never was there a more prolific scientist than Albert Einstein, who admitted to his faults and humanity in the statement, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” Mistakes are probably the best way to learn when it comes to photography. Throw all of your ideas against the wall and see what sticks. You will not grow as an artist unless you are making mistakes and pushing the limits.


Post Production Pye

Haha, fooled you! Yeah, this article should have been called “4 Famous Quotes and the Ramblings of a Crazy Persian.” So sue me ;)

During our iPhone Fashion Shoot Tribute Video, I said to Chris and Justin jokingly, “Give me an iPhone and a Coke and I’ll rock your world.” It was an amazing lesson to me that I learned during that shoot. While equipment could potentially hold you back from creating the types of images you want, 99% of the time the only thing holding us back is ourselves. I don’t think I truly believed this sentiment until after the iPhone Fashion Shoot when I realized that it truly didn’t take much other than your own creativity to create art worth looking at.

Why the Coke? Because I’m a fatty-Mc-fatty and I love my soda! =)