Let’s face it, none of you – or very few at least – have the money to buy new lenses or camera bodies for the photographers in your life for the holidays. In a perfect world, maybe, but in reality, most of us do not have the income to support such generous gift giving. So, what do you get your photographer friends without breaking the bank?

Novelty Gift Ideas For Your Photographer Friends/Family

So, the name of this game is to find you some fun novelty gift ideas, all for under $100. I know that $100 is still quite expensive for a friend gift, but I wanted to have options for those with more to spend as well.

1. Lomography Konstruktor 35mm Camera Kit


Do you have a DIYer on your shopping list? We have the perfect gift idea for you. This is the Lomography Konstruktor 35mm Camera Kit. You can get it for only $24.99 and it is the perfect mix of DIY and Photography. This kit allows your photographer friend to build their own fully functional 35mm film DSLR, a fun novelty gift that will provide hours of enjoyment without hurting your wallet.

2. Smartphone Film Scanner


This one may be a good gift for your older photography friends; individuals who may have a lot of film stored somewhere that they would like to scan. Sure, these aren’t going to be highest quality scans, but it is a fun novelty gift that could give some enjoyment for an older photographer sitting on film. For only $50, it’s not a bad value either.

3. Neutral Density Filter Kit


Filters may not be a sexy or overly fun gift, but they are something that many photographers today forget about when buying their kits. This neutral density kit from Tiffen would be a great gift for any of your buddies who want to dabble in long exposure photography. This is a gift that opens up new possibilities for them, and in turn, is the very best kind of gift you can give. Plus, for only $48, they aren’t going to bankrupt you.

4. Lensbaby LM-10


The Lensbaby LM-10 has to be the ultimate gift for the iPhoneographer in your life. Not only is this lens compatible with almost any modern smart phone, but it allows your friends to get even more creative with their Instagram, Snapchat or <insert photo app of choice here>. For only $69, it’s not terribly expensive either.

5. BoltVM-110 LED Ring Light


Macro photography is a fun niche that anyone can get into and have fun with. The Bolt VM-110 is an LED ring light that helps photographers light those amazing macro images that you see on the web. It can be used as flash or continuous light for video, so it is a versatile tool that could be a welcome addition to any photographer’s kit. It’s also only $79, making it perfect for that under $100 budget.

Bonus Idea: B&H Gift Cards

Having a hard time deciding on the perfect gift for your photographer friends/family? Why not let them decide on what to add to their arsenal by purchasing them a gift card to our favorite camera store, B&H. Gift cards are available for many values from $20 to $1000.

Stay tuned for more gift idea posts over the coming days while we are all thinking about what we will be giving to those who are on our shopping lists.