If you’ve ever made a home video, you’ll know the importance of audio. Nothing is more distracting for viewer experience than poor quality audio. It seems like such a small thing and easily overlooked by a videographer, but there’s a reason people invest thousands of dollars for a surround sound system for their home or hundreds of dollars on a tiny pair of headphones. I’ve watched my brother, who is a professional filmmaker, spend a long and very boring amount of time on setting up boom mikes and reshoot entire scenes simply because the sound was not exactly how he wanted it. Sound quality is important.

One of the challenges in setting up a studio in your home or office is getting good sound quality to come through. Our friend Jay P. Morgan from The Slanted Lens has released a new video in his Home Studio series focused on getting good audio for your videos.

Audio is sometimes the last thing we think about, but the first thing that people notice.



As mentioned before, audio can get expensive and what I like about this ~10 minute video is that Jay P. gives us 5 audio options to choose from – starting with the inexpensive to the Hollywood quality, larger budget option. Of the 5 options, the least expensive one is the microphone on your camera – which is not really a great option unless you are standing right next to the camera, and honestly, who does that?

Jay P. also discusses the Rode Videomic Pro, an external recorder such as a Zoom or a TASCAM, a lavalier mic, the $1600 Sennheiser 416 Shotgun Microphone and the pros and cons of each. Of all five, I’ve used the practically useless camera mic and the lav mic. I really like the lav mike option because it gives great sound and isn’t astronomical in cost. Anyway, watch the video below to find the audio option that will work the best for your video needs.

Watch Audio for your Home or Office Studio From The Slanted Lens

What do you use to get good quality audio for your videos? Comment and let us know below!