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Is 4K Video Worth It? Fujifilm Rebates Are Back!| Daily Roundup

By Anthony Thurston on August 16th 2015

Welcome to our roundup series where we will hit on several gear news and rumor topics each day. This gives you a chance to get caught up on all of the day’s news and rumors in one place. Make sure to check back daily for the latest gear news, rumors and announcements.

Is 4K Video Worth It?

It seems like every camera being released these days that shoots video has the option for 4K capture. But as we all know, shooting and editing in 4K brings with it some extreme hardware and storage requirements that make it quite expensive to do on any sort of regular basis.

The guys over at Linus Media Group just released this excellent video in which they took a look at 4K video and discussed if it is ‘worth it’. If you shoot video, upload to YouTube, or are just interested in what goes into producing 4K content, then this is a video you will want to check out.

What did you think of the results and LMG’s conclusions? This is some very interesting information that we will for sure be taking a look at more closely regarding our own YouTube uploads and video creation going forward.

Zeiss Batis OLED Tutorial

One of the coolest new things about these new Zeiss Batis lenses is the new OLED display. But as we reported a while back, its controls were confusing some users and causing them to think their display had gone out (when in reality they had turned it off).

So to try and help eliminate this issue, Zeiss has put together this great little demo on the new OLED displays and how to properly change their settings. It’s a must watch if you have or are getting one of these new Batis lenses, and is also pretty interesting if you don’t have one because the tech is pretty neat.

New Fujifilm Rebates!


The newest Fujifilm camera and lens rebates are now available. This time around you are able to save up to $300 on a single lens, or $400 total if you buy a camera and lens. Those of you interested can find the list of products and rebates below:

Fuji Cameras

Fuji Lenses

What are your thoughts on today’s roundup? What news/rumors did we miss? What would you like to see covered in future roundups? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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  1. Max C

    I believe my eyes; when I shot 4k video with my GH4, the video looked amazing, much better than 1080p. When I down-sampled the 4k video to 1080p it looked just as good as the original 4k file. I don’t see how these guys could not see the difference in Gh4 1080 file vs Gh4 4k file. I don’t know what the quality of the file looked like after uploading to youtube because I did not upload it to youtube. My guest is that it looked like a typical youtube video with their compression. I think they are also saying the in video that they up-sampled 1080p video to 4k and it looked the same as 4k from the GH4; I don’t know how that could possible be true. We all know that if you try to up-size a file, whether photo or video, you loose quality. These guys are saying the files look the same when they increased the resolution 4 times; from my own common sense and from what I saw with the GH4 files on my computer, that is not true or possible. The GH4 was a great camera except that it could not shoot in any type of low-light or high iso. The resulting video would be full of ugly grain. The GH4 could only give you great video in optimal lighting due to the sensor size. That is the only reason I sold mine.

    | |
    • Dave Haynie

      Most of the 4K cameras, like most of the HD/2K cameras short of Cinema EOS pricetags, shoot in 4:2:0 decimated color. Back in the DV days, when everything was still delivered in SD, it made all kinds of sense to shoot in HD and downconvert to SD, simply because you got effectively 4:4:4 color. Shooting 4K for HD delivery gets you the same, today, and also makes your video future-proof, at least for the firseeable future (I do rather wonder if anyone will push hard for 8K home video anytime soon.. that’s going to need wall sized screens to deliver a practical visual improvement over 4K).

      I’m somewhat fortunately not doing emough video these days to justify the upgrade. I was, in the SD to HD transition, which meant going througjh HDV camcorders that were not quite full HD, televisions that ultimately didn’t conform to the prevalent HD specs (HDMI with HDCP), waiting for HD delivery formats to fight it out, etc. Kind of nice to watch from the couch (on my 70″ HD display) this time around… though every time I see a GH4 on sale, I can’t help but drool a little…

      | |
  2. Sedric Beasley

    Ok. On the 4k thing, I’m thinking that if the quality of video is good enough to grab stills from which are around 8MP, I’m thinking for those short moments where you want to get key things it might be good to have a camera that can do 4k video and still shots. Would I rather shoot at 12-14 FPS of the bride kissing or run the video for 1-2 minutes and then being able to pick the best stills from the video. A bonus would be able to provide a short video of the kiss and still provide stills from the same camera to your client.

    | |
    • Anders Madsen

      In theory this is tempting but be careful – stills may very well be blurry since your shutter speed most likely is somewhere between 1/25 and 1/60 of a second when shooting video.

      | |