4K this, 4K that. It seems like just about every tech product coming out these days has some sort of 4K technology in it, whether that be playback or recording. Looking to stay ahead of the curve, Apple has just announced a new 5K Retina iMac.


iMac’s have long been a tool that photographers have loved to take advantage of, and now, with this 5K display built in, you can really take your post processing to another level. This is a display that can actually show your images full size and at full resolution (for many cameras, obviously there are some exceptions), a huge advantage during the post production process.

The new iMac’s 27″ screen isn’t a monstrosity either, believe it or not the screen is only 5mm thick. It also uses 30% less power than its proceeding models. That said, the starting price of $2,499 will make this an investment you will want to last you a while.

If you are interested, this new model can be ordered now. Visit the Apple website to learn more.

Personally, as awesome as the 5K display sounds, it’s just not worth the price to me. Of-course, by the time 5K becomes affordable the razor’s edge will have moved on the 8K or 10K or whatever. I’ll just sit over here with my 1080 HD screen, jealous, but content.


What are your thoughts on this huge announcement from Apple? Do you see yourself grabbing one of these bad boys any time soon? Leave a comment below!