As much as we love seeing the latest and greatest in camera gear, it’s also fun to look back at the classics. The evolution of the camera is a colorful journey, and the advertisements that come along with them are just as colorful. If you ever wanted to see how many of the classic camera are marketed, then you’re in luck!

Popular Photography has compiled an awesome list of classic camera commercials that have since made their way to Youtube.

For this post, we included three examples:

Did you know that the Minolta Maxxum was the first DSLR with autofocus? Such a funchion seems so ubiquotus in today’s time, but back in 1986, this feature was definitely groundbreaking.

Commercials and celebrity spokesperson are no strangers to each other, and back in the 90’s, professional Tennis player Andre Agassi was the face of the newly introduced Canon Rebel DSLRs. In a way, Agassi was to Canon as Ashton Kutcher was to Nikon.

In the 1970’s, the highly successful Polaroid SX-70 film SLR took the camera world by storm with its ingenious folding design that allows you to collapse the SLR when not in use. On top of that, it produces instant film. Check out out how Polaroid explains the features of the SX-70 in the advertorial below.

These videos are just a sample of the 45 commercials available to watch on Popular Photography. To see more awesome vintage camera advertisement, be sure to visit the page Popular Photography and let us know which commercials are your favorites!