It’s no secret that Photographers, for the most part, are a different breed. We blend the lines between artist and businessman/woman. Our tools are expensive, and with technology constantly improving the money pit is endless. This is just one reason why a photographer may not be the best person to date.

In a recent post on Hot Penguin writer MissNegativus detailed 40+ reasons why you should not date a photographer. The article is meant to be tongue and cheek, but some of these are so true they are funny. I have picked out a few of my favorite reasons below, but you should definitely run over and check out the full listing. It’s sure to put a smile on your face.


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A Few of My Favorites

  • Photographers will break the law – Trespassing into abandoned buildings has always been a favorite activity among photographers, and they rarely even concern themselves with the fact that they are breaking laws.
  • Watching movies with a photographer will not go as planned – The reason for that is because photographers will constantly criticize choice of color and frame composition in a movie.
  • Everyone Else Sucks – Photographers are very proud creatures. Therefore, nobody else’s work is as good as theirs, and, at best, it can only come close.
  • They are Way too Honest About Your Looks – If you ask a photographer if you look fat, he’ll probably say yes, but not to worry, he’ll Photoshop it later.
  • They won’t spend money on you – If you go out with a photographer and point out a certain pair of shoes that you really like, you should remove any expectations. They might cost 100$ but they won’t get them for you. Instead, they will spend $1000 on glass for themselves.

What were your favorite reasons? What do you think of the list overall? Do these reasons hit a little close to home? Let us know in a comment below. 

[via Hot Penguin]