So yesterday I shared a great post containing 40+ reasons why you SHOULD NOT date a Photographer, today I wanted to share with you all another great post – this time its 40+ Reasons why you SHOULD Date a Photographer.

This list is a little more out there than the previous list, but it’s sure to get a good laugh out of you. I’ve included a few of my favorites below just like last time. You can check out the full list by visiting the original post on Photography Talk.


A Few of my Favorites

  • They are used to carrying around a ton of gear – If you try and pick up a photographer’s bag, chances are you won’t be able to, or you’ll at least have a back ache in the morning.
  • They have Instincts for Charged Batteries – Even if you forget to charge something ordinary, like your phone, your date will probably remember that for you. It’s in a photographer’s blood to have full energy at all times.
  • You Won’t Miss another Sunset or Sunrise – That’s because the photographer you’re dating will probably set the alarm clock at insane hours just to make sure you don’t miss it and he’ll be up to take a good photo.
  • Christmas and Birthdays are easier than ever – It’s very simple really. All you have to do is get something related to photography, within your budget. It’ll do the trick every time. Just make sure not to get the same filter twice.
  • Your Ebay Store Sales Will Sky Rocket – Anything you sell on Ebay will look a lot better with the images your partner takes for you.

What are your thoughts on this list? Any of them sound about right to you? Let us know in a comment below. 

[via Photography Talk]