Photo by Ines Njers

Thousands of pages worth of information, and not one tree killed in the process, oh, the wonders of eBooks. You won’t need to clear-up any shelf space for these either, perhaps just some on your hard-drive after you look at the list.

Photographers in every field will be able to find something to read-up on, from: studio lighting, copyright, Lightroom and Photoshop, landscape photography, HDR, black and white, creating a photography website, marketing and other essential topics.

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Most of these eBooks come in PDF format, others might require your email for registration and download. You’ll be able to build your own portable library and read at your leisure thanks to the folks at Light Stalking.

Below are some of my top picks from the list:


Ultimate Field Guide To Photography, by National Geographic

This ultimate guide by National Geographic covers the basics of photography and is perfect for any beginning photographer that is looking for in-depth information on lenses, exposure, metering, use of flash, quality of light, color balance, etc.


Bicycle Touring Photography, by Paul Jeurissen

The author and his wife travel the world in bicycles, and combine bicycle touring and photography, providing better techniques on capturing cyclists and the road they call home, while focusing on the details and composition.


31 Days To Overcome Your Fear Of Shooting Street Photography, by Eric Kim

Street photography can be intimidating for some, but with Eric Kim’s tips you’ll be able to improve your shooting skills and gain confidence for your craft along the way.

To download the eBooks, you can visit these two links: 23 Free Photography eBooks and 23 More eBooks For Photographers

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