How to Grow as a Professional Photographer

In this interview series, we talked with Michelle Nicole on why she quit her day job and how she transitioned to full-time photography. In this last video segment, Michelle Nicole is going to tell us how she continued her growth as a photographer and how it contributed to her success.

4 Tips on Continuing Your Photography Education | Michelle Nicole Interview Part III

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Tip 1: Find a Mentor for Further Guidance

A mentor is crucial for your new photography business; someone who can guide you along the way from day one, giving you advice at every turn your career faces. Michelle Nicole’s mentor is Scott Robert Lim.


Tip 2: Learn the Technical Aspects of Photography

Don’t ever stop learning the technical aspects of photography. If you’re not comfortable shooting in full manual mode, then learn the Exposure Triangle. If you’re new to lighting or flash photography, then learn common key light patterns and how to control light quality. Learning the technical aspects of photography is a way for you to grow in your career and evolve your photography style.

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Tip 3: Network for Community and Feedback

Networking is a fantastic way to get involved in the photography community. When you network, you make friends and colleagues that you can learn and receive feedback from. When you network, you also open yourself up to new opportunities that may not have been available to you if you were on your own.


Tip 4: Learn how to Interact with Models and Clients

Whether you’re an extrovert or introvert, you can always learn how to interact with models and clients better. This is something you can learn from your mentor, or by observing the photographers in your network. Any time you’re on a shoot with other photographers, observe how they interact with the models, and see what techniques you can add to your interaction arsenal.


Are You Thinking About Pursuing Photography Full Time?

This concludes our 3 part interview series with Michelle Nicole. If you’re thinking of becoming a full-time photographer and have any questions, let us know in the comments!