For photographers, presentation is everything. You may already know how to create beautiful images, but when it comes to expanding your brand, presenting your work in a compelling way is key to taking your business to the next level. Many photographers are looking for effective marketing and sales solutions with minimal input of time and money.

Slideshows are a game changer for wedding photographers looking for just that. With video being one of the most powerful marketing tools today, slideshows help photographers tell stories with photos and music while making the process easy and affordable even for those who don’t know a thing about slideshows. Here are 4 reasons to start implementing slideshows into your business today!

1. Create a Lasting First Impression

As a photographer, you want people to fall in love with the images you create. This is why a clean and minimalistic approach is a big part of the presentation; it emphasizes the very thing you’re trying to sell: Photos.

Slideshows not only help you present your photos in a way that’s coherent with your brand but also give your clients a viewing experience unlike any other. While you can always share a gallery or blog post featuring all the images with your clients, a slideshow accompanied by music tells the story of their day in a way that draws them in. This triggers an effective emotional response from your clients and they will be far more excited to respond and willing to share on their social network platforms.

2. Tell an Effective Story

While creating beautiful imagery is the job, it’s the story you tell that leaves a true impact. Music and photos paired together create an emotional experience, which is ultimately the goal of providing a slideshow to a client. One of our favorite slideshow makers, Pixellu SmartSlides, allows you to upload the highlights of the day, fully curate the slideshow to only show the best moments, and complete the process by selecting a music track from their library of royalty-free songs to match the mood of the day.

Some slideshow programs like SmartSlides feature beat-matched music libraries, which allow users to match their photos with the rhythm of each song perfectly with just the click of a button. When pairing music and photos, beat-matched music libraries add an emotional and visually appealing touch to your slideshow.

Bonus tip: Try selling the slideshows you make directly to your clients in the form of an HD digital download or deliver the video on a custom USB drive. Wedding clients are great candidates and often request a video slideshow as part of a photography package.

3. Attract New Potential Clients

It’s no secret that video content catches more attention online than traditional still imagery. Instead of posting one or two photos from the shoot or overwhelming your clients with a full gallery, share the narrative of their day with a video slideshow! It’s easy to watch and easy to share, making it the perfect way to set you apart from the competition and catch new eyes.

Post your video slideshows to Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram with relevant keywords, link back to your site, and always tag your clients. This will not only give you better engagement online, but also bring extra traffic your way. The more you post and promote, the more potential clients will see your work!

Bonus tip: Get yourself a handy portable projector and try creating same-day slideshows at your events! Not only will this impress your clients, but it’s the perfect opportunity to market your work to the attendees. A room full of eager eyes = more leads = more clients!

4. Create & Deliver in a Breeze

It took us only five minutes to sign up for a free trial with SmartSlides and create a beautiful and engaging video slideshow. Having an efficient tool that adds little time to the working photographer’s plate while still giving the appearance of a professionally produced slideshow is impressive, to say the least.

If possible, consider embedding your client’s slideshow directly in your next blog post. It’s likely to draw more engagement, likes, and shares than just still images alone.

It’s no question that slideshows are one of the most captivating and compelling tools through which you can deliver images to your client and make a bold statement that’s sure to catch new eyes and bring extra revenue your way.

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