It is always a bit of a mystery what Canon plans to do with its lens lineup, which is as much about updating older lens designs as it is coming up with new ones. Whenever a patent surfaces, it is an interesting peek into what what the camera giant may have in store in the future.


Of course, patents more frequently end up in the desk drawer never to be seen again. But it is still fun to take a look and dream a little about what could be coming. A new report over on Canon Rumors gives us cause to do just that, dream about some awesome new EF primes.

According to the report over on CR, a new patent filing has been discovered that indicates a couple of new lenses could be in the works for Canon. A 300mm F/4L design is probably the most notable, because not only is the current Canon model a bit dated, but optically, it is not quite on par with what Canon – or even third party lens makers are putting out now. Birders and amateur sports shooters everywhere dream of a new 300mm F/4 to go along with their new Canon 7D Mark II.


Also mentioned in the patent filing is a design for a new 24mm F/28 and a 50mm F/1.3, two interesting primes that could be something special, or just as easily another addition to the the desk drawer population.

What are your thoughts on this glimpse behind Canons sheets? What sort of lens would you like to see Canon update or make in the next year or two? Leave a comment below and let us know!

[via Canon Rumors]