Balancing Work and Life

We have Caroline Tran in our studio for a three-part interview series! When she’s not out shooting, she has her hands full with two kids and a husband at home. For many self-employed photographers, balancing work and home life can be difficult. Caroline has three tips for those photographers to get a better balance between work and life!

3 Tips on Work-Life Balance | Interview With Caroline Tran Part I

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Tip 1: Set Boundaries

“Well number 1, don’t do what I’m doing today…” – Caroline Tran

Caroline is a mother, wife, wedding photographer, commercial photographer, and more. As a self-employed photographer, many times the distinction of work and life gets blurred, and it can cause problems. Setting boundaries is essential for maintaining a separate time for your work and your personal life, and it’s a perpetual, conscious effort.

For Caroline, weekends and the days when her kids are in school (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) is when she tries to squeeze in the most work. The days her kids are off of school (Tuesdays and Thursdays) is the time she designates as family time. Of course, sometimes the boundary lines blur (like for this interview!), but she makes an effort to keep her family time, family time.


Before setting these boundaries, Caroline would feel guilty when she was at work because she was not at home with her kids, and guilty when she was at home because she had a lot of work to do. With the work-life boundaries, she is able to get more work done guilt-free, as well as enjoy her time with her children.

Tip 2: Set Personal Goals for Work and Life

“The hardest part, is that something does have to give” – Caroline Tran

When Caroline is in a rut, she feels like she’s not accomplishing something. To counter that negative feeling, she sets new goals for herself. Caroline’s son (4 years old) vocalized that he’s unhappy when she leaves all day on the weekends. So this year, a goal she had for herself was to work more on the weekdays, so she could spend more time with her family on the weekends.


This was a work goal because she wanted to find weekday options that still met her financial needs, and a personal goal for her to have more quality time with her family.

Tip 3: Getting Help/Outsourcing Your Workload

“You’re not going to be good at everything. What are the things you’re best at? Let’s keep doing that. What are you not good at? Let’s hand those off” – Caroline Tran


For Caroline, she’s good at social media and blogging, so she kept doing those. Post-production and editing were the first things to go out the door. Caroline knows how she wants her photos to look and she can outsource that to other people to give her that look. By getting help and outsourcing, you’re able to free up your time to do more important things, like spend time with your family.

Conclusion and More Info

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