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3 Tips To Start Taking Better Photographs | Minute Photography

By Pye Jirsa on August 10th 2017

Welcome to our Minute Photography series, where we explain photography and lighting tips & tricks, myths, and techniques. For more education and details on similar concepts, be sure to check out our Photography 101 Workshop.

In this episode of Minute Photography, we share three tips to start taking better photographs in just 60 seconds, and no special gear is required.

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Most images that we capture suffer from overload, the same way that we are in constant overload in our lives. Simplifying down to a single subject will help viewers focus on the image’s intended message.

This does not necessarily mean photographing only one person at a time, but rather focusing on one element within the frame and building the composition around that element, be it a single model, a couple, or a family.

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After deciding on your subject matter, put the camera down and take a moment to walk around and explore the scene. A standard compositional go-to like the rule of thirds works well, but it is — as mentioned — standard.

You can usually find more interesting compositions by simply moving around the scene, using foreground elements if possible, and finding lines and geometric shapes to lead and frame your subject.


You’ve selected your subject and found your composition, but it’s not quite time to push the shutter button yet. Now, cue the action and wait for the moment. Remember, no matter how great the light or the composition, a bad expression can diminish the value or impact of an image, even to the point of making it undeliverable. Patience is key, and more often than not, it pays to wait for the moment to unfold.

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