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3 Reasons To Shoot Film In A Digital Age | Interview With Caroline Tran Part III

By Pye Jirsa on August 7th 2015

Why Shoot Film?

We had the privilege of having Caroline Tran in our studio with us. In this interview series, Caroline shared her advice on how to balance work and personal life and shared 3 tips on how to distinguish yourself from other photographers. In this final interview, Caroline gives three reasons on why she chooses to shoot film as opposed to using digital cameras.

3 Reasons To Shoot Film In A Digital Age | Interview With Caroline Tran Part III

Reason 1: Film Has a Unique Look and Style That’s Difficult to Replicate

Early on, Caroline was a physics teacher and had a side business selling hand-sewed clothes for dolls. She began shooting on film during her college years and eventually entered into the photography world after she began taking product photos for her doll clothes. 3-reasons-to-shoot-film For a short stint, she began to use digital cameras and noticed that she spent a vast amount of time editing her pictures to match a style that looked like film. Thus, leading her to switch back to shooting on only film cameras.

Reason 2: Shooting Film Is a Unique Experience

I often see many amateur photographers and professional photographers alike, being shutter happy when it comes to shooting on digital cameras. Digital photography is convenient because you’re able to check each image and move a bit faster. caroline-tran-film But shooting film is a unique in that there is no live-view for you to check each image, and each shot costs money, that in turn forces you to slow down. Caroline discusses how this experience for her allows her to think deeply and methodically on each image she composes, creating a more distinguished, and unique experience, not just for herself but for her client as well.

Reason 3: Shooting Film Saves Time

I’m spending so much time trying to get my digital stuff to look like film, why don’t I just shoot on film? film-photography Shooting on film may cost more financially because you have to purchase the rolls and pay labs to post-process your images, however, it saves a lot of time by taking the editing process out of your hands. In learning to balance between her work and personal life, Caroline found that shooting on film allowed her to devote the time she’d spend editing on her family instead.

Conclusion and More Info

This concludes our time with Caroline Tran. I hope you enjoyed these interviews! Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for all our updates and for the last and final interview with Caroline Tran!

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  1. Evan Poole

    An amazing article. It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information.”3 Reasons To Shoot Film In A Digital Age”Have Really Enjoyed Browsing Your Blog Post. After All I’ll Be Subscribing On Your Feed And I Am Hoping You Write Again Very Soon.

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  2. Karl Fakhreddine

    In my humble opinion the debate of film Vs digital is a false one.

    For those who like the look of film (me included), a high quality plugin will do the trick perfectly (ex VSCO).

    The reasons given above to use film over digital are about as far fetched as it gets. It saddens me when people give arguments like this.

    I have been wanting to understand where the attraction to film comes from (I shoot film once in a while). I think that the film lovers fall in a few categories:

    1- The ones who are convinced that things from the past contain some magical/supernatural power in them. A 200 year old glass of water is a better glass than a recent one.

    2- The ones who think that it is heroic to do things the difficult way when you can do the same thing easily. Somehow the time loss, cost and suffering that went into the work, gives it more value.

    3- The ones who don’t know how to differentiate themselves by their work so they find peripheral tricks to do it. Film is one of those tricks but not the only one. An 50K Hasselblad is another way.

    4- Those who think that film is classy, the way listening to Dizzy Gillespie is classy, it shows culture and refinement when everyone else listens to more recent and common music.

    5- Those who will shoot film to figure out what the big fuss about film is. And once they have realized that it is baseless, will quickly return to digital.

    To me the real challenge for a photographer is creating one’s own style and that my friends is really hard. Looks at all those wedding photographers, they have the same pictures, there is no way you can tell one from the other. It is as if all of them went to the same online course. Once in a while however, a photographer comes along, she/he has her own style and we have to bow down in respect.

    | |
    • William Irwin

      People still listen to vynl records instead of CDs. Vynl has a quality that CD’s will never have.

      | |
  3. Ralph Hightower

    I want to marry Caroline! To shoot film in the digital age? Yea, digital can’t replicate the look of film.
    I do have one tip for Caroline and that is to turn off the auto-review of the photo so one doesn’t chimp the photo. I’ve been shooting 35mm film since 1980. I do love the 5D Mk III that my wife bought me (she wants me to ditch film) The auto review of the 5D was neat for the first couple of getting used to it; but I don’t use it. I will review images later; but not immediately afterwards. I’m still in “film mode”.
    Now, I did hit the spray button when shooting sports with digital. With film, I would be more reserved with action shots.
    At a post launch celebration party of the final Space Shuttle launch, a woman came up to me and asked “Are you shooting film?” I answered “Yes” and she said “Cool!” and we exchanged fist-bumps.

    | |
  4. Peter Nord

    My grandfather always said if you went on a date in a buggy, the horse could find his way home without a hand on the reins. Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it :-)

    | |
  5. Max C

    Ofcouse there are going to be some people who can never let go of the past or at-least some parts of the past; I am sure that she drives a car to her gigs and don’t arrive on a horse.

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