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25 Perfectly Timed Photos

By Lauren Kermelis on November 26th 2013

You know it the moment it happens, the moment you get that perfect shot, before you see it in your viewfinder you know you nailed it, and it takes everything within you to stop yourself from running to your computer to upload it, post produce it and share it with the world.

We’ve searched the web for a few more of these amazing moments captured by amazing photographers, with a good eye, patience and just a hint of luck. Enjoy! Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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These photographs depict the moment perfectly, that perfect space in time, caught between the shutter to freeze these amazing moments in time.


Image courtesy of Waleed Almotar


Image courtesy of photoDiod


Image courtesy of Chris Thomas


Image courtesy of EthosExcelsior


Image courtesy of PDP-11


Image courtesy of MARTIN BERNETTI (via


Image courtesy of Former_Manc


Image courtesy of Michael Swaine @


Image courtesy of Robert Haas


Image courtesy of Aleksandr Malin


Image courtesy of CAROLYN KASTER (via The Atlantic: In Focus)


Image courtesy of ADAM PRETTY (via Photo Blog on NBC News)


Image courtesy of Jörn Kessels


Image courtesy of STEPHANE DUCANDAS


Image courtesy of Melissa Brandts


Image courtesy of Dustin Humphrey @ Deus Ex Machina


Image courtesy of Wilma Hurskainen


Image courtesy of Sindri Skúlason


Image courtesy of JAY FINE


Image courtesy of Tea Kolo


Image courtesy of John Gay/U.S. Navy


Image courtesy of hmistry


Image courtesy of


Image courtesy of Liammm

Image courtesy of Frode Sandbech

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Lauren Kermelis is a freelance photographer wedding, portrait, and event photographer based out of Southern California.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. ID

    The surf pic apparently was done in camera:

    | |
  2. John MacLean Photography

    Really SLR Lounge? Some of these are composites, some are time exposures, some are perspective placements. Just a really bad page title for a disjointed set of “interesting” photos. Disappointing!

    | |
  3. Peter

    The one with the Hugo Boss, how is that possible? Unless the man jumped straight up into the frame and this was shot from really really afar… still wouldn’t look possible.

    | |
    • Don

      Those boats sail like that…so to casual observers it looks like it is tipping over…but it’s really sailing. This is why the keel is at an angle on the bottom of the hull instead of straight down… Not to say that it isn’t a brave shot, but it’s not a “perfectly timed photo”…

      | |
    • Ricardo Consonni

      This is the video showing how it was done:

      | |
    • maks

      There’s a “Making Of” video for this. As the boat was turning hard, a jetski brought the guy onto the fin. He stood up and a shot was taken from the trailing boat. It was extremely dangerous. And they had to do numerous takes. But it was glorious.

      | |
  4. Ian Mitchell

    “Caught between the shutter”???? Where exactly is that??!!

    | |