It was just a few weeks ago that Sigma unveiled the latest in their increasingly popular Art series of lenses, the 24mm F/1.4 Art. The new lens rounds out the series on the wide end really well, giving Sigma the 24, 35, and 50mm focal lengths covered with industry leading lenses.


We were in Vegas for WPPI and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to head on over to the Sigma booth to get a look at this new lens, and let me tell you, it lives up to all the expectations that you have of an Art series lens.

Our own Jay Cassario had a chance to talk with Sigma about the new lens in a quick interview which you can see below.

Initial Impressions on Sigma’s 24mm F/1.4 Art

As I mentioned above, the 24mm F/1.4 is the latest in Sigma’s ever popular Art series lineup. It joins the 35mm and the 50mm providing industry leading optics at a price that makes it accessible to photographers of any level.


Our meeting with Sigma was my first opportunity to get my hands on the new lens. It honestly feels very much like the 35mm and 50mm Art lenses, very substantial, with a great tactile feel. I was able to hold the lens while it was attached to a Canon 6D, and it felt very well balanced, and seemed to fit well with it.

The price is what really gets me with this lens, Canon and Nikon equivalents are close to double the cost of 24mm this lens at $849. That is an incredible value, and assuming the image quality holds up to what we expect from an Art series, the value is just off the charts. According to the Sigma rep, the lens should start shipping in late April or early May.


Overall, if you are a fan of the 35mm and 50mm Art series lenses, you will likely be very happy with the 24mm as well. We are on the list to get a review unit as soon as they are available, so stay tuned for that.

If you are as excited about this lens as we are and want to get your hands on it as soon as possible, then your next click should be this link over to B&H to preorder your copy. B&H was a great sponsor of our 2015 WPPI coverage and our go-to shop for all of our gear and photography needs. If you pre-order now, you should be able to get one of the first ones available.

What are your thoughts on this new 24mm Art lens from Sigma? What sort of photography are you planning to do with it? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!