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21 Oct 2021

Inspire and inform thousands of photographers every day! SLR Lounge is looking for 2 part-time news and technology writers to create daily articles on The primary responsibility of this position is to utilize our existing system of finding relevant news for our community and to present information in a clear and engaging format on our website.

Basic Info

  • Work Type: Part Time Contractor
  • Primary Responsibility: Write 5-10 articles per week
  • Work Location: Remote
  • More Info/Apply: Click Here


  • Strong Writing Skills
  • Knowledge of Photography and/or Technology
  • Ability to write 5-10 articles per week (note: if you are not able to write this often, you may still apply as a contributor using the same application)
  • Consistency, Self Motivation and Strong Work Ethic
  • A Team Oriented Approach

Compensation and Benefits:

Compensation is on a per article basis, with averages of $20/hour to $50/hour depending on writer efficiency and article performance.

Other benefits include:

  • Being part of a great team.
  • Early access to industry information (company press releases and NDA information about upcoming releases).
  • Networking opportunities with leading companies in the industry and their PR/Marketing firms which can lead to other career opportunities in PR, Marketing and Content Creation.

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