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2017 International Wedding Photographer Of The Year Winners Announced

By Holly Roa on March 4th 2018

SLR Lounge and wedding photography go together like peanut butter and jelly, so you know we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to share world-class, handpicked selections from all across the globe. The International Wedding Photographer Of The Year contest’s 2017 winners have been announced, and we think you’ll find inspiration among them.

Competitors may enter an unlimited number of images into nine categories, and from all the entries a grand prize winner is chosen to be bestowed some pretty sweet prizes including a Nikon D850, Elinchrom ELB 400 Set, and $3,000 cash, to name but a few of the spoils. There is also one runner-up who claims a lesser, though still impressive bundle. 

The grand prize winner was Erika Mann of Two Mann Studios, submitted under the “Solo Portrait” category. It is said that luck favors the prepared mind, and that looks to be the case with Erika’s winning photograph. Light, wind, and rainbows all played their part so that Erika could use her cultivated skills to grab the shot. Of her photo, Erika says:

“After a short, and unpredictable storm, we were treated to the most amazing double rainbow.

Paige and Daniel had a super low key wedding, with the reception taking place in their parent’s backyard, with about 25 guests. Thankfully their parents have one of the most beautiful backyards in the planet, along the banks of Cougar Creek in Canmore, Alberta. After a short, and unpredictable storm, we were treated to the most amazing double rainbow. Lanny and I got low into the creek bed so we could remove the houses, and simplify the frame to the rainbow, mountain and Paige, with her dress billowing in the wind.”

The runner-up, Paul Woo, submitted his heart-rending image of a little boy overtaken by emotion as his mother walks the aisle at her wedding to the Single Capture category. Of his image, Paul says:

“This moment was difficult because I was secretly bawling behind the camera.

The child was the son of the bride. As everyone stood up and waited for the bride to come down the aisle, he started expressing so much emotion. I was solo shooting this wedding and this moment was difficult because I was secretly bawling behind the camera, and had to prioritize this moment over the bride coming down the aisle.  Yes, I got both photos, but I knew this moment was THE moment. I decided to enter the image because everyone talks about timeless and epic photos, and to me it wasn’t about scenic places or post processing. What truly is timeless are moments.”

Here are the winners of the remaining categories:








To see the stories behind all these images as well as check out some of the other top-ranking entries, head over to IWPOTY’s 2017 Winner’s Gallery.


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