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A Beautiful Blend of Photography and CGI | Shooting For the 2014 World Cup Calendar

By Tuan Tran on November 19th 2013


A Beautiful Blend of CGI and Photography

Photographer Tim Tadder and CGI Specialist Mike Campau have come together to produce dynamic images of some of the world’s most attractive models for the 2014 World Cup Calendar. Each month of the calendar presents a sexy female model performing a popular soccer move in a vibrant CGI crafted stadium. There was a large focus on lighting as well as compositing to draw the attention of the viewer where they wanted it.

“If you look closely, each image has a custom lighting arrangement to highlight the best body parts as well as helping anchor them into the scene…” – Tim Tadder

Behind The Scenes Video of The 2014 World Cup Calendar

Watch this video to get an idea of what kind of lighting set up they used to achieve some of these well thought out photos.


Here are what the other 11 months look like with their intense models showing you how its done.












Tim Tadder is undoubtedly a master at his craft, and Mike Campau is an exceptional digital artist who displays his imagination in his work. What do you think? Does it appear too processed and computer generated, or do you love the look?

[Source: DIYPhotography]

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Tuan is a photographer with Lin and JIrsa Photography, a writer for SLR Lounge, and a freelance wedding and commercial photographer in Southern Cali.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Joseph Prusa

    Awful !

    | |
  2. Michael Rapp

    At first, I thought those images were stunning, but after a second look my mind went like: “I’m not buying it”.
    Please, don’t get me wrong, the technical execution is absolutely stunning, Tim is a master of his craft, I’m sure the pictures came out just like the client wanted them.
    What I’m not buyng is that those chicks are actuallly engaged in any kind of athletic activity.
    Their whole pose tells me “How am I looking?” or “Is my hair blowing great and my shirt cut low enough?”.
    None of the models have any kind of muscle on them, especially the one in the topmost picture, pretending to just have kicked the ball.
    So there: I’m just not buying it. Sorry.
    (I refrain from commenting on the artistic merrit since this was a custom shoot with a zillion art directors and their cherubim all trying to have their say).

    | |
  3. 2014 World Cup Soccer Calendar: Ornamental Chicks | notoryously naked

    […] Take a peek at photos taken by photographer, Tim Tadder, for the 2014 WORLD CUP CALENDAR. […]

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  4. notoryously naked

    […] Take a peek at photos taken by photographer, Tim Tadder, for the 2014 WORLD CUP CALENDAR. […]

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  5. John

    No one does it better than Joel Grimes. He’s the master of composite without CG. They should’ve hired him.

    | |
  6. Edgar Williams

    Even as you call it a photograph, you can not call it that anymore. Over process and unrealistic, this would be closer to “Art” than “Photo”. By definition alone a “Photograph” is, “to capture to film or media a moment in time or life event.” [according to world bank]. These clearly are fabricated moments and nothing real about them save for the artistic value of the babes. . *ahem* . . .women in sports poses. :-P

    | |
  7. JAM

    As phony as a 3 dollar bill.

    | |
  8. vickie

    This particular combination ofglamour model meets athletic prowess is a bit laughable in my opinion. While the coloring and location are gorgeous, i’m not sure why such a level of smoothing is required and the objectification seems to undermind the athletic component since they clearly arent performing such feats. Technically however it is impressive.

    | |
  9. Lorrie Prothero

    I don’t care for it at all – I hate CGI in movies, why would I like it in photos. I think it just looks like a cartoon.

    | |
  10. Joel

    Doesn’t look real at all but that’s clearly not what they are going for with the scenes. I don’t know if its my particular kind of “surreal” either but it certainly is that.

    | |
  11. Chillywilson

    I think these are terrible looking, bad faces, and bad composits. My feeling is if your going to make the girls look super fake then just fake it all.
    Next time they should just buy a girl on tubrosquid

    | |
  12. Zardoz

    Ridiculous! A ‘popular soccer move’??? Like there’s only a set stock of moves used in soccer?

    | |
  13. Black Z Eddie

    Meh, reminds me of the SIMS or some posed action figure. Not good at all.

    | |
  14. Robert Hall

    I think its a bit too far…where it’s at I think they may as well have hired a digital artist to do the whole thing. Side note: Two images below the video, her face looks just like a pony, or Sarah Jessica Parker.

    | |
  15. thgh



    more boobies……

    | |