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2013 Pulitzer Prize Winners for Photography Announced

By Jules Ebe on April 17th 2013

The winners for 2013 Pulitzer Prizes in Photography were announced this week. Though the civil war in Syria appeared to play the main stage for this year’s winning nominees, runners up Liz O. Baylen of the Los Angeles Times and Renee C. Byer of The Sacramento Bee in California produced powerful photographic essays worth mention.

Winner – Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography

Feature Photography goes to Javier Manzano, a free-lance photographer, for his image of two Syrian rebel soldiers tensely guarding their position as beams of light stream through bullet holes in a nearby metal wall. Courtesy of Agence France-Presse.


Two rebel soldiers in Syria guard their sniper’s nest in the Karmel Jabl neighborhood of Aleppo as light streams through more than a dozen holes made by bullets and shrapnel in the tin wall behind them. The dust from more than one hundred days of shelling, bombing and firefights hung in the air. Karmel Jabl is strategically important because of its proximity to the main road that separates several of the main battlegrounds in the city. Both sides (the Free Syria Army and the regime) rely heavily on snipers in a cat and mouse game along Aleppo’s frontlines. (Photo taken October 12, 2012)

Winner – Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography

Breaking News Photography is shared among Rodrigo Abd, Manu Brabo, Narciso Contreras, Khalil Hamra and Muhammed Muheisen for their coverage of the civil war in Syria under extreme hazardous conditions. Courtesy of the Associated Press.


A woman named Aida cries as she recovers from severe injuries after the Syrian army shelled her house in Idlib, northern Syria, March 10, 2012. Aida’s husband and two children were killed in the attack. (Rodrigo Abd, Associated Press – March 10, 2012)


An apartment destroyed by tank shelling is seen in a building in the Karm al-Jabel neighborhood after several days of intense clashes between rebel fighters and the Syrian army in Aleppo, Syria, Oct. 28, 2012. (Narciso Contreras, Associated Press – October 28, 2012)


A rebel sniper aims at a Syrian army position, as he and another rebel fighter are reflected in a mirror inside a residential building in the Jedida district of Aleppo, Syria, Oct. 29, 2012. (Narciso Contreras, Associated Press – October 29, 2012)

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[via Pulitzer and Los Angeles Times]


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