We had some amazing entries for our 2012 Year in Review Contest sponsored by Adorama. The collective talent of our SLR Lounge community is truly awesome and we appreciate all of your submissions.

After hours of contemplation and dozens of opinions, we chose the following image from Timothy Smitley as the winner! Among the reasons for choosing this entry was the creative use of multiple flash exposures, mixed lighting, shutter drag, and lens flares. Not to mention it looked like Timothy endured through either a late night or early morning with some pretty chilly weather to capture the shot, haha!

Congrats on winning Timothy!

From Timothy’s entry:

I’m working on a new project called self/self. The whole idea is to explore the relationships between light and dark within us and around us, and to examine the ideas of the true self/false self. All of the photographs from this project are ghosted self portraits.

Camera – 5D Mark II
Lens – Canon TS-E 24mm F/3.5L II

Shutter – 15 seconds
Aperture – 6.3
ISO – 640

Flash – on a second camera body on a strap around my neck fired twice with a remote trigger. (light coming off my chest)
Street lamp – on camera left. (making light rays through the fog)
Car head lights – on camera left behind the tree. (lighting the background)


Close Runners Up!

The following, in no particular order, are the runners up. Each tell a compelling story, showcase a beautiful landscape, or capture a wonderful moment. Thanks for your entries and we hope you participate in our next giveaway or contest.

Every drop counts by Mitchell Lisse

Every drop counts

For Seconds on Lake McDonald

Jeremy Vesely

Somewhere Over The Rainbow – by Gergo Kazsimer