In the endless debate about whether or not size matters, one photography technique gives credence to the idea that bigger is better. I’m talking, of course, about panoramic photography. Whether captured from land, sea, or air, panoramic images stitch together multiple photos to expand the usual scope of the frame and present a truly unique perspective of the world we live in.

Photographers from all genres employ the panoramic photography technique to create one-of-a-kind portraits. The look of the image will vary depending on the focal length and aperture settings, among other factors, but the end result typically lands somewhere between amazing and epic. While the environment usually plays a significant role in panoramic photos, subjects vary from individuals standing alone in large, empty spaces to clouds rolling across expansive landscapes, as you’ll see in the collection below.

If you would like to learn more about how to create panoramic photos, be sure to check out our Ultimate Panoramic Stitching Workshop.

And now, here are 20 photos from four award-winning photographers that will make you want to capture panoramic images on your next shoot. You can find their images and links to their sites below. We highly encourage you to check out more of their work. (Click on each photo below to enlarge it.)

Anthony Chang: Website | Instagram

Ray Jennings: Flickr | Facebook

Pye Jirsa: Website | Instagram

Mads Peter Iversen: YouTube | Instagram


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