The brain is actually quite an amazing organ when you think about it. It handles all thought processes, feelings, gives us memories and controls our actions and movement. It works at blazing speeds sending messages to all parts of the body to make sure it all functions properly. So, before you press the shutter to take a photo, what thoughts go through your brain? What is your brain trained to do and look for before your finger depresses the button to immortalize a moment in time forever?

Photographer Jeff Cable says that there should be 15 things that you think about before you take a photo. In this one hour and 10-minute lecture from B&H, Jeff discusses the thoughts that go through his mind each time he sets up, frames, and shoots an image. It’s not the spray-and-pray process that we in the digital age have come to know so well and thank goodness for that.



The first thing Jeff thinks about before he clicks the shutter is resolution. Asking questions like, what are you shooting for? How large will the image be printed, etc. He shoots “assuming the deliverable.” In the rest of the lecture, Jeff goes from composition to foreground, background and everything in between. It’s pretty neat when you list them out and see all the things our brain processes when we shoot an image. You also think of some of these, or maybe you go through all 15 when you’re shooting.

It’s always good to stop to think about what we are shooting and how we want to shoot it. The process of slowing down makes us better photographers in the long run.

Watch 15 Things You Should Think About Every Time You Take a Photo

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