As a kinesthetic learner, when I face something new, I like to just jump in and get my hands dirty. So, more often than not, I will eschew the manual and try to figure things out on my own. Which means for me, lots of trial and error, and google searches, before I get things right. That’s basically how I learned to use my camera. I read parts of one photography book, and then went out and practiced.


When starting out in photography, there are many mistakes that novices tend to make, and in the following B&H sponsored video, Jeff Cable highlights 15 common ones. This video is part of Cable’s series with other videos including, “The 15 Features of the DSLR That Every Photographer Should Know,”and “The 15 Features of Photoshop That Every Photographer Should Know.”


Jeff discusses composition, light & shadows, lighting and flash, focusing, shutter speed, and other techniques to help a beginner improve their photography skills. This video is quite long, at an hour and 15 minutes, but is an entertaining and helpful resource for a beginner photographer to get better shots without going through some of the trial and error process that many of us go through.

Here is a quick list of the 15 mistakes. How many of them have you made?

  1. Combining Light and Shadow (guilty)
  2. Wrong Location (guilty)
  3. Focus in the Wrong Place (guilty)
  4. Wrong Aperture (guilty)
  5. Bad Composition
  6. Don’t Shoot Tight Enough (in my case, it was too tight)
  7. Wrong Use of Flash (guilty)
  8.  Not Aware of Shutter Speed (guilty)
  9. Bad Camera Basics
  10. Trying to Shoot at Night Without a Tripod (guilty)
  11. Looking in the Wrong Direction (guilty)
  12. Stand by Walls and Bushes (guilty)
  13. Take Few Frames
  14. Not Creative Enough
  15. Watch Your Horizon (guilty)

[Via ISO1200]