Nikon D810 Filmmaker’s Kit


The Nikon D810 may not be one of the first DSLR cameras that you think of for video work, but that didn’t stop Nikon from offering this killer filmmaker’s kit for the D810. Included in this kit is a 35, 50, and 85mm F/1.8 primes lenses, microphone, and Atomos Ninja external recorder.

Right now, it is also $300 off over at B&H, so head on over and get your savings now.

Leica X (Typ 113)


Leica. Nuff said. No really though, this Leica is a great little compact camera featuring a 23mm lens and 16MP sensor. It would make a great little street or travel camera, just throw it in your bag and know you are covered.

Save $275 off this Leica X compact camera over on B&H here.

Nikon D610


Nikon. Full Frame. The Nikon D610 might be their entry level full frame camera offering, but the camera is incredibly powerful. If you have the money, it makes sense to go for the D750, but if your budget is not quite at that level then my Nikon recommendation is the D610, skip the D5300 and D7200, the D610 is your guy.

It is also $500 off right now over on B&H, so head on over there and get a great deal while it lasts!

Samsung NX1


One would be forgiven for dismissing the NX1, but this is actually a really killer camera, bringing some impressive specs and performance for an incredible price. 4K video, 15FPS burst mode, and a 28MP BSI sensor make this one of the most powerful APS-C offerings on the market.

Jump on over to B&H today and you can snag one of these bad boys for $200 off.

Canon 70D


Canon’s mid-level APS-C offering is no slouch, with one of the best video AF systems around and great APS-C performance. The 70D is a great option for someone who likes to shoot quality stills and dabble in HD video.

Thanks to some killer savings over on B&H, the body can be yours for under $1000, making it a great option for any budget.

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