The holidays are fast approaching and if you are not already looking you will likely be starting to look for gifts soon. This is the best time of year for deals and so we will be bringing you a daily report of some of the best deals that we can find on cameras, lenses, and other photo/video equipment.

Today we have some more great deals for you all to take a look at, this time a few macro lenses from both Canon and Sigma. Make sure to check back every morning for some more great deals, we may not have posted something that you are interested in today, but we might tomorrow so check back!

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Canon 100mm F/2.8L Only $889 ($150 Rebate + Free Shipping) exp Nov 30th

Now this is a lens you want if you are interested in upping your game in macro photography. This lens has a reputation as one of the best 1:1 macro lenses out there and it also doubles as a gorgeous portrait lens. This would be a great addition to any photographers kit.


Canon 35mm F/2 IS Only $549 ($50 Instant Savings + Free Shipping) exp Nov 30th

This is one of Canon’s newer fast primes with Image Stabilization. This lens is a great street photography lens if you are looking to keep a low profile and its also great for video due to the IS. If you are looking for some glass and want some great bang for your limited buck then this is a good option.


Sigma 50-150mm F/2.8 DC OS Only $949 ($100 Instant Savings + Free Shipping) exp Dec 31st

If you own a crop body and do not have any immediate plans for a jump to full frame this is a lens that you should consider. The 50-150mm range gives it roughly the same field of view as a 70-200 on a full frame body, so this is a great lens if you want to shoot sports or portraits.


Sigma 180mm F/2.8 Macro Only $1549 ($150 Instant Savings + Free Shipping) exp Dec 31st

Here is another beautiful lens from Sigma. A 180mm F/2.8 prime macro lens with 1:1 magnification means you don’t have to be standing so close to your subject to get that great marco shot. Its a little spendy, but a great option if you are into Macro shooting.

That is all for the deals today, but make sure to check back tomorrow morning for more deals and gift ideas!