If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have noticed that the forecast for the drone market on a whole is absurdly bright. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP came forward earlier this year estimating the worldwide market for drone tech is about $2 Billion, but their models suggest that number to be closer to $127 Billion by 2020. That’s about 6,000%. Grasp that, if you can.

Now of course, this is not about photography drones (though they’ll play their part), but the global market for commercial applications for drone tech. We’re talking here about drones that will be helping to deliver aid, verify insurance claims, bettering global crop yields, and of course filming applications, and even recreational sport.



With this kind of application and reach, drone evolution is fast, and we can see a bit of marriage of the art and functionality of drones in this video on rctestflight joined a custom 1000-watt LED light system to a Freefly Systems Alta 8 drone. The result of this is something that’s at once mesmerizing and beautiful, and while you appreciate the possibilities at hand for videography and filmaking, or even still photography, you can’t help but think how relevant something like this could be for search and rescue teams and more.

Of course running 1000w requires a good amount of power, and from a drone no less, so the system can currently only fly for 10 min at a time, but that’s still not too shabby, and the results of the imagery is, actually, pretty spectacular. Particularly enjoy the moments through the birch trees. Inspiring stuff.



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Cameras Used:
Arri Alexa Mini
Sony FS700 & Shogun
Sony A7sii
RED Epic Dragon